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Beginning as a baby babbling through boyhood,
Our hero burns days in consoles
A cat living by the sword swirling spider webs inside his head
Level up! 6th grade consciousness!
Eight-leg's blankets snapping at seams
It seems spiders weren't so scary
A horror worse: a dead dad
Cut off roots stewed in acid
Of our hero? hope is poison
As we watched ticks tock tomorrow never came
Endurance Fortitude
Our hero's hat organ has never been the same
Philosophy Fools for Sophie
The cat's kingdom is high
Our hero is king of the sky
Queenless: a resistance to seductions from soul-suckers
Pedestal perched at dawn the sun's rays cutting clouds
Our hero wakes: dazed, dizzy
With sword in hand he halts Sailing down rivers of paint and asphalt
Arriving at dungeons of knowledge clicking the handle, edge against monster
The roar of a thousand words tremble tied ideas
Steadfast hero starting silently, slight wound
Sliced white lines upon lines
Towering paper falters the monster slain
Wounds wilt every page the hide taken back
Dungeon-masters further cut the corpse A red pen

The grade is the life! That's all they say
Quoting maniacs who live ten-hour days
But today is our last one! So don't throw it away

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