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Off-TopicThis is a general discussion forum for off-topic and casual general chit chat.
by houseten
05/27/24 2:07 PM Last post
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If you are a New Member, stop by here first and introduce yourself to the community. This forum is for Introductions only!
by Showan
05/01/24 7:50 PM Last post
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These are the 5 traditional Branches of Philosophy
by Methen
05/01/20 6:55 AM Last post
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Philosophy and general discussion for young philosophers ages 13 - 17.
by JamesSprag
02/16/21 12:44 PM Last post
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Philosophers organized by time line.
by Mrknowspeople
03/11/22 6:09 PM Last post
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We create the meaning and the essence of our lives! This is a philosophy of belief in creation of self rather than a deity defined by philosophical or theological doctrines. Two major branches are Atheistic Existentialism and Theistic Existentialism.
by Mrknowspeople
11/04/22 3:07 PM Last post
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Secondary Branches of Philosophy open for public discussion.
by hamilton
03/17/11 6:46 PM Last post
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Armchair Philosophy is a for the basic, officially uneducated, small talk philosophy lacking educational background to support it. NO BIG WORDS in this forum please and NO PHDs!
Sub-Forums: Who? , What? , Where? , When? , Why? , How?
by zDamien
04/28/12 12:13 PM Last post
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The Philosophy of Philosophy or otherwise known as MetaPhilosophy. In this forum we discuss the methods and purpose of philosophy. What role does Philosophy have in the scheme of things. Philosophical discussion pertaining to the importance and influen
by Salvorisen
01/09/17 11:08 AM Last post
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Student forum for questions and answers in reading and writing philosophy and NOT for the expression of member opinions or ongoing discussions.
by Mrknowspeople
11/08/22 2:50 AM Last post
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Greek for a legendary lore. Folklore, Myths and Legends understood to be believed as true and often supernatural. Known also as a branch of professional study dealing with the collection and interpretation of Myths.
by ghuriani
06/30/23 4:25 PM Last post
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Monotheistic faiths that recognize the spiritual tradition of Abraham. Abrahamic religions account for more than half the worlds population.
by 1CellOfMany
08/21/10 1:36 PM Last post
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Dharmic Religion refers to religious traditions that originated in India and form a subgroup of the larger class of Eastern Religions.
Sub-Forums: Hinduism , Jainism , Hare Krishna
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Refers to a group of Far Eastern Religions originating in China, Japan, Southeast and Eastern Asia that are referred to as Taoic Religions and recognized as a distinct religious family.
Sub-Forums: Taoism , Confucianism , Shinto
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These forums are for the discussion of Primal indigenous and African religions as well as other tribal religions
by cluckk
06/08/10 6:14 AM Last post
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Some of you feel the need to Evangelize in these forums so this is the only forum you are allowed to do so. Please DO NOT evangelize anywhere else on this website.
by Mrknowspeople
03/25/22 12:33 AM Last post
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