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Reply Fri 23 Sep, 2011 11:57 am
Canadian Government owned CBC still puts Sun TV to shame quite easily

Sun TV does a story about illegal immigration only to parade it around like they saved Canada from nuclear destruction. Now that they are desperately scrambling to attempt to pass off on the public that they are on some sort of moral high ground, now since they have been attempting to portray this they are attacking the CBC with their bias rhetoric.
At least the government / CBC is beginning to recognize (sure I take some credit) how much religion offends people as such filth has for thousands of years hence they don't try to propagate religion is a positive light. At least they have consideration for Canadians on that issue where as ....
Here we have Sun TV propagating religious filthy lies which have lead the globe to war and divide for thousands of years / to the death of millions / billions over pathetic filthy religious lies every way they can possibly think of.
Sun TV obviously doesn't care that millions / billions have died over filthy lies, they obviously want to continue to push these lies upon society obviously without any consideration for Canadian human well being and yet criticize those for not promoting such filthy lies. Sun TV is lowly bias garbage religious filth primarily and you can witness this simply by watching their circus / TV station.
Sun TV obviously values lies more than they value human life and proof of this is that they use their station to propagate religious filth. The religious = those who value lies more than life and not just a year, or even ten years or even 50 years or even 100 years or even 500 years or even 10000 years but thousands of years prove it. Thousands of years proves it, thousands!!!!
Now Sun TV goes on and on about the CBC avoiding them, and yet since Sun TV took on this new so called format of theirs, they have been avoiding this very non contestable factual evidence which proves that they propagate lies without even a trace of consideration for the well being of Canadians. What do you expect when the fact remains that ignorance is religions only defense! They go around accusing others of doing exactly what they do and then they try and fluff off that they are on anyone’s side but that of their own bias religious filthy agenda.
Hey if you and your whole family died over such filthy lies, would you like to know that someone says "who cares" or would you like to know that people ignore that you and your family died over such filthy lies and promote such filthy lies over the media like it is some sort of right or pleasantry! This has happened to millions / billions over thousands of years and do you think SUN TV cares? If you think they care then think again because if you turn of that channel you will find all kinds of filthy religious propaganda.
At least the CBC takes onto consideration that religious filth (aka every religion) is very offensive where as Sun TV obviously doesn't care. If half of Canadians die over religious filth as this has already been going on for thousands of years, Sun TV. would be right there promoting religious filth the very next day while trying to pass the blame off on anything else because that is what the religious do. You think I am kidding? Go ahead and watch that bias low life station it is not hard to tell.
Now as an activist it is my job to go to extremes to raise awareness not just to the every day issues, but foremost fundamental global and Canadian issues. I have been doing it for 11 and a half years now and not only do I see religion crumbling away (I even heard something about Stephen Hawking recently claiming that there is no possible way a god can exist and well I don't know if he found my work and it hit him like a tonne of bricks and figured that because he is a well known that if he did something about it might take to the public’s awareness more quickly thus he did. Very commendable and well done Stephen Hawking, just don't forget where the non contestable factual evidence which proves it comes from as I have had the Canadian federal parliament and provincial parliaments across Canada on my e-mailing lists getting every single article I have written on such fundamental issues such as this since I started 11 and a half years ago as well several hundred / thousands of web sites over the years.) as I see religion crumbling away, I also see the religious more than ever desperately propagating their filth via media etc. as much as they possibly can because they quite simply suspect the end of people following their rhetoric draws near. Just watch sun TV for example. I am even enduring an illegal eviction and I took the legal steps to take care of it. I get these so called Hamilton Housing people knocking on my door explaining they know about the eviction so I explain to them the legal steps I already took to ensure where I stand and gave them all of the info. They then turn around and invite my whole building (all tenants) offering free legal advice. Turns out, they only shared with everyone the information that I shared with them. I didn't find out because I attended. That morning I jumped on my bike and went for a ride across Hamilton only to find out that the address of this Hamilton housing thing was some filthy religion church (Crap Heap Under Ridiculous Crap Heap) so I turned around went to a public library and sent them an e-mail describing how disgusted I was that they offer free legal advice just to get people to come to their religious filth hole and told them to never come to my door again. Voting stations, the religious jump at the opportunity to get people into their religious filth holes because they are on the decline because people are becoming aware of the facts which proves them for the liars that they are so they for now even still get away with using their filth holes as polling stations. If the government chooses to discriminate people who value life more than lies, then how is that a fair vote? I for one will not walk into a religious filth hole to vote and I am working towards removing all public services from any religious filth period. I know it won't happen over night as I knew this a decade ago because it takes time to raise public awareness especially if you don't own your own television station.
I bet the sun TV would just love it as the CBC loves them if I had my own television station because I would set a very small amount of time aside to reveal to the public the clowns that they are as they are now pathetically attempting to do to the CBC.
Religion has proven to be the biggest hate crime against humanity that ever existed and it was devised by and serves the greedy and the selfish who seek to use / create such lies / delusions to take advantage of the general population from a time of weakness. Time of weakness: were you a baby, were you facing eviction, did you just lose a loves one, were you hungry, were you homeless, did you just murder someone, did you just land in jail / get out of jail, did you just get busted, did you just get a divorce, were you lonely did you just endure a natural disaster etc. If they wanted to help you they would help you, but they don't want to help you which is why they push their religious filth upon you in exchange for their so called help. They stoop so low to even use starving children in third world countries in attempt to promote their religious filth.
Now the mind blowing material you are about to read ( and obviously for thousands of years no one else has been capable of doing such until I came along and have been doing it for the last decade) I'll keep short but sweet. Also what you are about to read I can share with someone by talking with them in about two minutes. I also am aware that for thousands of years that greedy / selfish deceptions have evolved brainwashing techniques to the point of telling people that what I am about to share with you can not be proven and yet watch what non contestable fact reveals as I prove them all liars with the greatest of ease. They tell you this because they will say and do anything to keep control over the many for power and control over the many. These are the most ignorant, and selfish / greedy people the globe has ever hosted. and I am about to share with you the very factual evidence that proves it.
First off the fundamental of any / every religion is some ridiculous story about how we came to be / exist in our present form.
Non contestable factual evidence which proves that every religion that ever existed is based upon lies is quite simply as follows:
Energy = the exertion of force.
Matter = what makes up mass.
Time = the endless duration it takes for all change to occur.
It takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter.
Proof that energy matter and time always was, is, and always will be is that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter. In other words the fact of the matter is that not anything goes poof into existence out of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into nothingness. The fact remains that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter. Which is the very non contestable factual evidence which proves what we / everything is in our present form and how we came into existence. The only thing that doesn't change is that change occurs and that is because energy matter and time are always present.
You want to contest this as fact, then quite simply share with us all even just one factual example of anything that exists going poof into nothingness, or even just one factual example of anything going poof from nothingness into existence. You will never find one example of such because the fact remains that it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter.
For anything to first develop intelligence, or come into existence to develop an intelligence, or use that intelligence to come up with a plan or put that plan into motion (to first be able to create / re create) it takes three things, it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter. Quite clearly this is evidence which already has easily proven beyond any shadow of doubt that there is no such thing as a god (which is the fundamental lie of many religions) and that the fundamental of every religion is based upon lies is non touchable.
It is easily proven with multitudes of factual examples that energy exists, that matter exists and that time exists and these factual examples are everywhere around us all which is the very non contestable factual evidence which proves how we all came into existence in our present form. All lies fabricated as truth and belief of every religion crumbles vs. this simple fact and yet the worlds agony is prolonged by the selfish and greedy religious because they resort to ignorance while pleading for tolerance and like this guy on Sun TV's The Source even try and speak for the public claiming that it is even too boring for the public to even have cause for concern.
Now I have had people even try to pass off energy as god (to no surprise as the religious will desperately squirm making up any lie they can to justify their sick disease because ignorance towards fact is their only defense) Proof that energy is not a god is quite simply this:
Praying or worshiping is a disgusting sign of ignorance towards respecting your environments for what they do or do not provide for you. All these people of all of these religions who's fundamental is a lie known as god pray to or worship this lie/god thus acknowledging that they also believe that this lie/god has intellect to be able to understand worship or prayers to begin with. Yet for anything to first come into existence to be able to develop an intellect or to use that intellect to put a plan into motion thus re create with the energy and matter already present, it first takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter for any of this to first occur because again not anything goes poof into existence out of nothingness and not anything that exists goes poof into nothingness.
which is the very non contestable evidence which not only so easily proves that there is no such thing as a god, but that the very foundation / fundamental of every religion is based upon lies.
At best there is some alien life form [of which again "For anything to first develop intelligence, or come into existence to develop an intelligence, or use that intelligence to come up with a plan or put that plan into motion (to first be able to create / re create) it takes three things, it takes energy matter and time to re create energy and matter."] taking credit for what even created it thus proving again this alien is no more than a liar for taking credit for what even created it / us and everything throughout the universe in it's present form!
So there you have it and to this day not one person has contested any of it with even a shred of validity. Sun TV certainly is no acception because they, like all of the other religious of the world cower away from fact and quite simply because it reveals them for the liars they prove to be and shuts the door to them using lies to take advantage of others.
Now if this disgusting filth based upon a fundamental of lies known as religion hadn’t been already leading the globe to war and divide for thousands of years (to the death of millions / billions) I wouldn't be so concerned but it has and it is still in the Canadian constitution as a freedom and we have such bias crap like sun TV promoting it, well that certainly and obviously does not say much for people who claim to care about this country / world and just let this continue on while doing nothing about it. I care.
Some call it a can of worms (way more than likely are the religious saying it) to re open the Canadian constitution and re write out that out dated malarkey that is in it. Eventually it will need to be done and the sooner it is done, the better off we will be as long as it is done genuinely. Of course at the time it was written the religious had a hand in governing which it why it is bias to begin with. It is time to remove the religious filth from the Anthem too.
For all of you that think you can do what I do / that it is so easily and common of a thing, then you explain to me how it is that for thousands of years and out of billions of people that I am the first to address this problem of religion existing with non contestable factual evidence proving that every religion across the board is based upon a foundation of lies. Again not one person has contested this factual evidence with a trace of validity and no one else shared this factual information before I did.
I even had a woman at a library try to tell me that I am narrow minded because I have never been outside of this universe lmfao. she tried to use that as evidence proving that it doesn't take energy matter and time to recreate energy and matter. What makes up a universe? Is what it's composed of to exist as a universe and what makes up composition within a universe is energy matter and time re creating energy and matter. I mean really people, what else other than what a universe is composed of makes a universe a universe? Yet people are trying to tell me that I am no smarter than them because I am a pauper / financially broke. lol seriously. No one / not many understand the sacrifices I have made to to do what I do and that is OK because I understand general / stereotypical mentalities of people who feel belittled by someone, with less money than them that has a brain in their head and apply themselves on a global level of impact, are going to attempt to bend you to their will because of their lack of understanding in even the simplest of things. It's not about me (so go ahead and try and make me out to be the issue) and it's not about who is richer than who. It's about caring for the well being of the future of the life on the planet and raising awareness to what fact proves because the facts are the bottom line. For me it is about putting the world before myself and it doesn't concern me that others may not understand what it takes to do what I do because they don't have what it takes themselves obviously. Lies truths beliefs etc are nothing more than the garbage that crumbles when pit vs fact and in this instance the religious know it which is exactly why they practice ignorance because they don't care that they prolong the globes suffering just so they can life in a bubble of ignorance while spreading their sick disease while calling themselves good this or that when really what they are good is quite obviously lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, manipulating society while pushing religious filth upon society primarily.
Those of every religion, for supporting religion proves that they value lies more than they value life. I have hope for every one of you so called religious to start caring more about life than filthy religious lies and proving it by simply throwing their religious filth where it belongs which is in the garbage! Primarily we are all human, as we were before religion existed as we will be with religion no more.
I was glad to see Charges dropped on our heroes in the heavy metal band who burned a bible recently. I was so appalled to hear about that they were charged for being disgusted with such filthy lies which have already lead to the death of millions / billions over thousands of years in the first place. I mean this world has become quite sick.
It is time for society to exit retard (religion) and enter reason (recognition of fact) and the best thing that could possibly happen for the well being of us all / all life on this planet is the destruction of such filthy lies which lead to war and divide, the destruction of the filth known as religion. Religion primarily inspires lying, cheating, stealing, war, divide, death only so the ignorant can live in an ignorant bubble at the rest of the globes expense while the selfish and the greedy come up with new ways to pass the blame off on everything else. The primary reason our societies are so messed up in so many ways is because of these very things that religion has inspired through generations over thousands of years.
and yeah Sun TV always cowers from what I share because I stick with fact when it comes to the very fundamental of primary issues I address such as this and what do they do, they promote filthy lies. They don't stand a chance and yet they think they are in a position to criticize public funded TV. which actually does take into consideration that religion is highly offensive rubbish to many aware Canadians as Ezra Lavant (if that is how you spell it) on Sun TV pointed out. Very laughable. This guy gets any email opposing his rubbish and he calls it all hate mail. Very weak and pathetic that religious filth drenched him so much that he not only refers to people who oppose his religious filthy lies as haters, but anyone that oposses his bias rubbish for hosting his bias show on his bias TV station as haters.
Of course anyone who opposes religious filth / lies is made out to be a hater when really I do it because I for one care about the well being of the future of the life on this planet, I value life more than lies unlike the religious who are proven to value the opposite. I guess that is their way of desperately attempting to drag everyone who opposes their filth down to their level / with their sinking ship.
Thousands of years prove religion a miserable failure
If it is between getting rid of publicly funded CBC or privately funded Sun TV, get rid of Sun TV. No brainier. It appears to be owned by Israeli's as it spews out bias Israeli propaganda constantly when it's not spewing religious filth or CBC attacks for the most! vote them out of the picture and Israel can have them in Israel. I / millions won't miss them or their bias rhetoric. Oh and don't try and flatter yourself by calling me anti semetist because I am anti every religion and proud of it!
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!

Speaking of Television, soon it will be going off the air waves so unless you have a digital set up, soon you will get nothing on television. A couple of years ago when that announcement was made I made a prediction that when it happens that allot of low income people are going to be facing depression much more than now for having that taken away. However TV has gotten so bad over the last couple of years, it is tasteless, full of rubbish and bias delusions / lies. I can't say that I will miss it. I mean turn it on, you see religious filth forced into everything, turn the channel you see homosexuality being forced into everything, turn the channel you see a commercial that has been over played for the last two years. I think you all are aware of the annoying hair cutting commercial I am specifically speaking of and personally after being tortured like that, I would rather let a lumberjack cut my hair with a chainsaw then go there to have my hair cut. I don't want to watch any of that "garbage" so my television stays off the majority of the time anyway. Television will not be missed by me because it has gone down the tubes so badly over the past couple of years, it would be hard to miss other than the convenience of the news but even that comes with bias slant. I guess time will tell how society takes to the change. Sad though that people are so greedy that they have to make it all digital when regular TV has worked for us all just fine as it would continue to do such if just left alone.

Dowtown Hamilton today (Sunday) as I was riding by Gore Park and I heard a preacher lying to Hamiltonians with his religious filth so I raised my special finger at him and people that flooded downdown not attending this religious filth noticed me and I could hear a crowd going oooh in awe. Loved it Wink Now that is Positivity!

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