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Tue 3 Aug, 2010 02:39 pm - i have a time machine and you are with me. we see bill and mike. bill asks mike to pick a number and mike picks five. i know that if we went back in time and watched bill ask mike to pick a... (view)
Wed 26 May, 2010 01:22 pm - assumption: some things that live think. some things that live do not think. View: the mind and thought is a creation of the body to help it thrive. many creatures have minds and many creatures... (view)
Mon 10 May, 2010 11:26 am - maybe its a technicality. you can live without food and water if you drink juice and milk and such. maybe he has had an IV bag on for 70 years. more questions less assumptions. (view)
Fri 7 May, 2010 03:46 am - [QUOTE=Pangloss;161147]We're obviously just talking about two different things here. You mention "the popular understanding of time". What this thread is concerned with (or should... (view)
Fri 7 May, 2010 03:33 am - [QUOTE=sometime sun;160882]Of course it will improve posts, if you want to be publised and part of the mag you had better up your game. And on a side note, i am a little tried of people... (view)
Fri 7 May, 2010 02:02 am - time does not exist as it has no shape or location(semantics. i win). time can not be defined without using time in the definition or another word with time in the definition so that's crap. i... (view)
Fri 7 May, 2010 01:50 am - its an association with a similar event. (view)
Sun 25 Apr, 2010 03:38 am - [QUOTE=sometime sun;154628]Is Anarchy a Faith? Does it not make an angel of the faithful? Is there not a tangible devil involved? Any one know of an anarchic prophet? What do you think is an... (view)
Fri 23 Apr, 2010 08:50 pm - [QUOTE=Deckard;153692]It seems that no one would bother to propose materialism or idealism unless they were first confronted with the mind/body problem or some variation thereof.[/QUOTE] Are you... (view)
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