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My interest is not in compassion for the present public but in thinking long term about the survival of the human race. From the forums, my webpage can only be accessed by freely contacting me at my email address: [email protected]

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Fri 24 Apr, 2009 10:32 am - Yes, more or less seriously, I'll change that! If you believe, that the medium and long term outlook for "society," for "the Earth," for world affairs---in other words, for... (view)
Fri 24 Apr, 2009 10:29 am - In a book I wrote a long time ago, "the Cycle of Civilization," I came up with a 500 year cycle but made no pretense it was precise or that it was not made of a number of other cycles... (view)
Sat 11 Apr, 2009 02:25 pm - Seems to me that we should not expect people to be in harmony because we evolved through millions of years of evolution in small hunting-gathering groups. The success we have had as a species has... (view)
Sun 29 Mar, 2009 09:20 am - [quote=xris]When mormons and scientologists become acceptable the rest is inevitable.Im just thankful here in the Uk we have not the extremes you seem to be plagued with.So many Americans appear to... (view)
Sun 29 Mar, 2009 08:54 am - (view)
Thu 15 Jan, 2009 07:07 am - [quote=Axis Austin]Growing up as a Christian, I thought God could do anything, including the logically impossible. Once I became a competent philosopher I concluded, as I think most would, that God... (view)
Thu 15 Jan, 2009 06:54 am - [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=85]We can imagine the grim, final and massive exchange of nuclear fire power and the ensuing world-wide crash in human numbers. We should also add to that the damage done by... (view)
Sat 20 Dec, 2008 06:29 am - Myself, I am not concerned even if the claim Obama is a radical is true. We need to undo some of what the ultra-conservative, affluent class privitizing pros have done during the Bush... (view)
Sat 20 Dec, 2008 06:24 am - Seems to me that if you get no other responses to this well-thought-out posts it will only be because no one, including myself, can think of anything to add or comment on. You covered the thought... (view)
Sat 20 Dec, 2008 06:12 am - I have used my own name in the forums for the last three years. This is what I think all atheists should do---not hide in the closet as even most of the militant faithful do. But I do not use... (view)
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