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Sun 11 Feb, 2007 05:13 am - [quote=TheHermit][SIZE=85]Fellow list Members, and Forum Members[/SIZE] [SIZE=85]Perhaps a little more insight into Walter Russell and what Tarot Key 13 teaches us:[/SIZE] (Please see attached... (view)
Wed 7 Feb, 2007 05:48 pm - Frater John Alvarado I am happy that we have met. I have independently studied and practiced the many things you mention for many many years. Recently I have met with much success as to some... (view)
Mon 5 Feb, 2007 06:49 am - [CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] Hi Hermit, I am "there" and glad to hear someone speaking my own language. Thanks. E (view)
Sun 21 Jan, 2007 01:01 pm - (view)
Mon 15 Jan, 2007 07:14 am - [quote=Justin]You may be being too philosophical about this. He asked a question for the purpose of getting responses. At least he is interested in knowing what members of this forum would do. In... (view)
Mon 15 Jan, 2007 06:26 am - A note to clarify a little bit: Thelema incorporates the idea of the cyclic evolution of Cultural Consciousness as well as of Personal Consciousness. History is considered to be divided into a... (view)
Mon 15 Jan, 2007 05:12 am - Dear P That was an excellent poem. I am sure there is a better way to express what I mean about becoming one with it that does not sound challenging to your sense of individuality. Maybe a... (view)
Sun 14 Jan, 2007 06:57 pm - [quote=Grapeheads]To set the record straight I did not agree with the war against Iraq, nor many of the actions taken on the "war on terror". I'm an individual who joined the... (view)
Sun 14 Jan, 2007 06:55 pm - [quote=Justin]Whoa.. I apologize because I do not know this individuals' Living Philosophy. He came into this forum with a question that he had felt compelled to ask. Based on my own... (view)
Sun 14 Jan, 2007 06:40 pm - (view)
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