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Reply Tue 9 Jan, 2007 07:32 pm
Electra phil
Reply Tue 9 Jan, 2007 08:03 pm
@Electra phil,
Reply Wed 10 Jan, 2007 03:36 am
@Electra phil,
This is a very cool online Pythagorean Tarot Deck.

This jumped out at me: From the introduction-


If we understand physical and psychical phenomena as two aspects of the underlying Unus Mundus [one world], then Jung's idea of synchronicity becomes clearer. A synchronous event can be defined as a meaningful coincidence, that is, a coincidence that has symbolic significance to someone experiencing the event. "By a synchronistic phenomenon Jung understands the coincidence in time of two or more psychic and physical events which are connected, not causally, but by their identical meaning" (von Franz 6n2). The meaning is revealed in an image constellated by an archetype manifesting simultaneously in the physical and psychic realms. Synchronistic phenomena are important because they provide a glimpse of the Unus Mundus in its wholeness; the eternal archetypes break through into the world of ordinary time, and inner and outer aspects of experience move in harmony. (von Franz 199, 242-3) [Emphasis added.]

Synchronistic phenomena are usually spontaneous, but in divination we arrange for a synchronistic event to take place. This is not a simple mechanical matter, for synchronicity usually requires that an archetype be "activated" in the unconscious, which in turn presupposes an emotion-laden, tension-charged situation. Thus divination is most successful when undertaken for a serious purpose; under these conditions divinatory techniques can "draw archetypal material into the center of the field of observation" (von Franz 223-4).

The method of science may be contrasted with that of divination. In science one makes a conscious "cut" in the world, separating the phenomenon of interest from the rest of existence. In divination, on the other hand, one makes an unconscious "cut," by isolating a qualitative moment in time, which retains the fullness of its participation in both the physical and psychic aspects of all existence. Numerical procedures, such as cutting a tarot deck, rolling dice, or dividing yarrow stalks, are used to determine the kairos, the "key moment," for the constellation of a unique synchronous phenomenon. With proper preparation, so that an archetype is already activated by a sufficiently high "charge" of psychic energy, the divinatory act can create a "hole" in the "field of consciousness through which the autonomous dynamism of the collective unconscious can break in" (von Franz 227). (von Franz 44, 199)

Using some theoretical arithmetical prayers in the spirit of Pythagoras I once constructed an invisible crystal cloud in my room.

I called it a 'thought structure' and it took long time and effort to build.

I was seeking the assembly of the gods, and I swear I did catch a glimpse of them.

(I guess I punched a 'hole' in reality from my bedroom to their assembly when I saw them congregated in the night sky).

But it drifted eventually...like clouds drift away.

In the spirit of the Gods here is a poem I'd like to post by Holderlin that tarot readers might enjoy:

Once Gods Walked...

Once gods walked among humans,
The splendid Muses and youthful Apollo
Inspired and healed us, just like you.
And you are to me as if one of the Holy Ones
Had sent me forth into life, and the image
Of my beloved goes with me,
And wherever I stay and whatever I learn,
I learned and gained it from her,
With a love that lasts until death.
Then let us live, you with whom I suffer
And inwardly strive towards better times
In faith and loyalty. For we are the ones.
And if people should remember us both
In years to come, when Spirit again prevails,
They'd say that these lonely ones lovingly
Created a secret world, known to the gods alone.
The earth will take back those concerned
With impermanent things: others climb higher
To ethereal Light who've been faithful
To the love inside themselves, and to the spirit
Of the gods. Thus they master Fate
In patience, hope and quietness.

Thank you.

Electra phil
Reply Thu 11 Jan, 2007 05:55 am
Dear Pythagorean -

That was an amazing post. Thank for being who you are.

While going through my process, which I have only been able to interpret through mystical occult literature, I have been investigating several potentials and possibilities of the human mind.

I have suspected that "unity consciousness", while realized as an interconnection to all things--is also (and more importantly) a reunification of a person's mind, or a shift in perspective from inside the individual. This involves classic descriptions in Jungian psychology, which I think along with mystical traditions is very accurate and effective for the seeker.

My idea is if it is possible to do this, and if the results are satisfactory for the alleviation of suffering and obtaining some happiness--then I should understand it in a way that could be taught to others. This means understanding many of the paths that lead to the same mountain top.

Now, what you are discussing in your above post has connotations that I see Work in Magick. I have felt always from very small that I was magickal and that if there was anything to 'past lives' it seems all I can remember is magick forever. But along the same lines, I also knew inside of a Work such as this, it would require a person whose heart was pure and whose will was aligned with 'the One'.

There are many new teachings out that are showing people how to achieve their dreams. These teachings illustrate how thoughts are things and belief becomes. I am specifically pointing to Ask and It is Given, Abraham-Hicks and The Secret, a DVD that teaches the use of powerful intentions to manifest into reality.

Some of what these teachings are missing is what I believe to be a prerequisite to manifestation and that is first this reunification of opposites (a return to wholeness), which is taught in magick circles through ritual. Otherwise, what we have are well-meaning people with still a 'divided consciousness' attempting to manifest. I think this may lead to a lot of self-serving materialistic desires, rather than getting to the real point of the teaching.

So I have approached this from all areas and in my work welcomed any teaching that proposed it could lead people to the way, truth and light (so to speak).

"Illumination of the entire matter involved."

This is what each one is truly searching for, is it not? Like, why? or what is this life about? Where are we going? What is the point of it all? Etc. The meaning of life.

This morning it struck me to compare Jung's process that he calls individuation to a mystical process that I have found is true. This process in mystical traditions is where the initiate "marries the sun (consciousness) and the moon (unconscious)" and through their union and holy copulation, they create a "divine child", considered to be a hermaphrodite, meaning it is whole and undivided. Yin Yang harmonization (through agitated excitation, like sex) and alchemical transcedence of duality.

So here is an article I want to "file" here on that topic:


On a personal note, I have noticed as I did this alchemical work, that a true convergence started to take place that I could observe on all levels. While sleeping I felt it at a cellular level. In thinking I experienced it as clarity and absence of internal conflict. My eccentric "hobbies" such as mysticism, occultism, spirituality, theological studies, environmental studies, scientific explorations, etc., etc., and my "job" or "career" started to become One Thing. My work colleagues and customers, which I used to consider seperate from my "friends" became one in the same. My online groups and discussions became "research" for my work and learning for the Great Work.

It interests me to use a phrase from Walter Russell who says that mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed. I have an amazing opportunity at the place I work to actualize or awaken this genius and to "put into reality" (magickal manifestation) the dream of this genius. I think first there are several difficult processes to go through. Well, at least there has been for me, to make my work reflect what is true, vital, essential and beautiful.

Magick in cooperation and coordination with Divine Will is an awesome process of peeking into the genius that is our Creator and having a wonderful dance around the earth with this song.

Thanks for listening and sending you love.

Reply Thu 11 Jan, 2007 06:05 pm
@Electra phil,

Spiritually speaking, it seems that you and I have a lot in common. We both treat God or the Gods and the human spirit as an everyday common sense form of reality. And naturally we seek for things there.

But, unfortunately, I don't know and have not read much about what I would call "New Age" types of teaching. Except for perhaps some Blavatsky and some Neo-Platonism and Pythagoreanism I am just not up on it. But I did read Jung when I was younger.

When it comes to intentionality which can be manifested in reality I am all ears and ready to learn what I can from you.

I have been relying on Schopenhauer and Nietzche's teachings about stripping away all meaning from all things (Nihilism) and discovering the primal 'will' which is operating in nature. The will which connects all things, or which at least at certain times may connect some certain things to other certain things, the kind of "unification" that you mention.

I'm not familiar with Jung's individuation, or with Magickal manifestation directly but it seems as if we are both familiar with or we are both working on the same sort of "unification" phenomenon. To me it's still a deep mystery as to how my individual will can manifest itself in external realities, and I would really like to discuss this more. I tend to rely on the Greeks and their religion to better understand how it happens.

I am currently in the process of trying to amplify and develop my understanding of Greek religion. I am reading a book titled "The Greeks and the Irrational" by E.R. Dobbs.

It seems to me that to the Greeks in general the things such as:

Ideas, Emotions, Experiences, and certain Identifiable Psychological Concepts (such as Image, Thoughts, human Intellection) - for the Greeks the radically simple and immediate manifestation of these psychic things (monads?) are the most basic to existence.

To the ancient Greeks these things act as the equivalent to our own modern conception of Atoms, Subatomic Particles, Electromagnetism, Grativy, Nuclear forces, etc.

They are equivalent because for the Greeks, ideas, or the Gods that wielded and conveyed these ideas, act as the most fundamental and as the underlying, foundational objects in the universe. To them there exists nothing smaller, nothing finer, nothing more central to the ways of the Universe and the ways of the world other than these qualities of intelligibility. You might call it a divine psychological atomism.

And that's why I really dig John Opsopaus' Pythagorean Tarot (I'm thinking of buying it in hard copy) and the Jungian analysis with all of their Greek references and interpretations.

Anway, I wish you luck with your teaching. And I agree with Walter Russell that genius is self-bestowed, by which I take it he means earned-?

By the way, I don't really understand Tarot much but the temperance card I really enjoyed...

"Mistress Temperance is simultaneously the Divine Child and the alchemist alter-ego of Mercury the Magician, for she brings about the fixation of the volatile and the volatilization of the fixed, which engenders the Child."

The "volatization of the fixed" it sounds like what I do when I meditate!!


You give me hope.

All of my love -
Electra phil
Reply Thu 11 Jan, 2007 07:19 pm
Dear P~

I am so excited to find you. Regarding what we are discussing, I do not have the entire magickal forumula, but it is all very interesting in the fact that this work promises as its "reward" the ability to create a new universe (world). If this could be true, I would have achieved finding my True Will.

This in common terms, seems to mean "purpose". Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel is a part of this work, and I cannot really say what that exactly means, but it reminds me of your story of seeing the gods through a hole in the sky.

There are many other times I feel all this is folly and foolishness, but then I wake up in the morning and it all starts again. It has just come to a place where ART will not stop. This seems important for humanity, but then I realized that if I truly gave a shit about humanity, I would get up and have a revolution, lol.

There is something that lives like this child. This child was inside me that now comes out. I go inside it and become lost in that creative dream. This is the alchemical tale of Horus.

Crowley calls this potential I am reaching the "Aeon of Horus".


Now, I should clarify I am not at all this gallavanting priestess magician. I don't wear funny outfits or think I am something I am not--this has just taken my interest and I have used these crusty old symbologies at every leg of my journey. There is not an idea in me that could tell me the reason why this is so. It could mean that past lives exist, or that it is true how very little I will ever know. Knowledge and infinity seem to be tied, but so does ignorance somehow.

I believe that some of the "New Age" teachings hint toward these truths and others are either untrue, or just not working for me.

Well, I best be quiet for at the length of this, I risk sticks and criticisms. It is sometimes a lonely path is all I can say. It seems there has been a lot that I have had to give up, and to find a friend to talk to --just for a moment is one that comforts and gives some strength to venture out and take these looksees.

Visionary work is important. The power of the word, when it becomes crystallized and true-- has the power to do these things we discuss. I realize I am not completely there yet, and I hope to the gods I never arrive. This is why it is called The Practice of the Art.

I am sure in the end I will give this up and die forever. There is a dreaming inside of EVERYTHING and it is all talking to you. If we align with the power of nature, maybe we manifest destiny, lol.



Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2007 02:28 am
@Electra phil,

These are complex topics.

I want to tell you what I do.

The meditative approach (or flight path ) that I take is that I first achieve a state of radical simplicity within total isolation. (I am fortunate enough to live in a very quiet place with a great deal of time on my hands.) Then, using science, metaphysical ideas and highly focused or restrictive thinking, I try to make everything in my immediate environment explicit, so that it is food for thought. I count all of my own movements and all sounds I hear and all external motion that I detect and remember each element and then reflect upon the causes in the chain of being in these moments; and run my mind up and down this memory chain of being that I create. I do this intensely, almost violently brooding over long durations of time- Until thinking and being become the same thing, until I have built up what I call a thought structure. It's a dangerous edge from which I stare out as a strange enemy into an abyss. From this vantage I can and have effected external realities, though not very predictably. From this I can move the world, for, from this I become literally profound. This condition I would call "a gripping of ontological grounds." In this state there seems no difference between external and internal. Here we might say: "The ground is my body, my mind moves in what moves the world."

And this is how I learned first hand about 'synchronicity' and making my inner-will manifest in my audacious, obscene, confrontations with external reality. This includes especially the weather. (Yes, I f-- with nature, and I do so with ego and force. And I learned a few things from it.) But it also includes political realities and attempting to change or alter human history as I am an avid student of politics and history.

You could say that I have discovered a universal method for being universal (that's what I think I have discovered anyway). You might also say that I have found my True Will, because I didn't come to all of this intentionally, this is something that happened to me when I was so alone and unprotected in nature, -it was natural necessity that revealed the way to me. You could say I was god taught if you've ever heard the expression. It's not quite as gentle as the path-of-dreams but I find the gods respect power, and Herculean force can be glorious too (and you can't make a revolution without it!).

But I won't bore you.

Electra, you said that one day you will give this all up and die forever. I don't think that's such a good idea if you really mean it.

"But souls that of his own good life partake,
He loves as his own self; dear as his eye
They are to Him: He'll never them forsake:
When they shall die, then God himself shall die:
They live, they live in blest eternity."
Henry More

I hope you never lose faith. After all, you seem to have a lot to look forward to:

Now that's a work of art!

Electra phil
Reply Fri 12 Jan, 2007 05:58 am
Dear P~

Thank you for your guidance and welcoming me at the door of the interior. I will be back when I have done the experiments necessary to share with you the process and results.

I love you and thank you so much.

Electra phil
Reply Sun 14 Jan, 2007 06:40 pm
@Electra phil,
What is Magick?

Cara Soror,
[CENTER]Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

What is Magick? Why should anyone study and practice it? Very natural; the obvious preliminary questions of any subject soever. We must certainly get all this crystal clear; fear not that I shall fail to set forth the whole business as concisely as possible yet as fully, as cogently yet as lucidly, as may prove within my power to do.
At least I need not waste any time on telling you what Magick is not; or to go into the story of how the word came to be misapplied to conjuring tricks, and to sham miracles such as are to this day foisted by charlatan swindlers, either within or without the Roman Communion, upon a gaping crew of pious imbeciles.

First let me go all Euclidean, and rub your nose in the Definition, Postulate and Theorems given in my comprehensive (but, alas! too advanced and too technical) Treatise on the subject.1 Here we are! [INDENT]I. DEFINITION:

is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.*
(Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take "magical weapons," pen, ink, and paper; I write "incantations"-these sentences-in the "magical language" i.e. that which is understood by people I wish to instruct. I call forth "spirits" such as printers, publishers, booksellers, and so forth, and constrain them to convey my message to those people. The composition and distribution is thus an act of
by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.)

ANY required Change may be effected by application of the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner through the proper medium to the proper object.
(Illustration: I wish to prepare an ounce of Chloride of Gold. I must take the right kind of acid, nitro-hydrochloric and no other, in sufficient quantity and of adequate strength, and place it, in a vessel which will not break, leak or corrode, in such a manner as will not produce undesirable results, with the necessary quantity of Gold, and so forth. Every Change has its own conditions.
In the present state of our knowledge and power some changes are not possible in practice; we cannot cause eclipses, for instance, or transform lead into tin, or create men from mushrooms. But it is theoretically possible to cause in any object any change of which that object is capable by nature; and the conditions are covered by the above postulate.)

1. Every intentional act is a Magical Act.
(Ilustration: See "Definition" above.)
2. Every successful act has conformed to the postulate.
3. Every failure proves that one or more requirements of the postulate have not been fulfilled.
4. The first requisite for causing any change is thorough qualitative and quantitative understanding of the condition.
5. The second requisite of causing any change is the practical ability to set in right motion the necessary forces.
6. "Every man and every woman is a star." That is to say, every human being is intrinsically an independent individual with his own proper character and proper motion.
7. Every man and every woman has a course, depending partly on the self, and partly on the environment which is natural and necessary for each. Anyone who is forced from his own course, either through not understanding himself, or through external opposition, comes into conflict with the order of the Universe, and suffers accordingly.
8. A man whose conscious will is at odds with his True Will is wasting his strength. He cannot hope to influence his environment efficiently.
9. A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him.
10. Nature is a continuous phenomenon, thought we do not know in all cases how things are connected.
11. Science enables us to take advantage of the continuity of Nature by the empirical application of certain principles whose interplay involves different orders of idea, connected with each other in a way beyond our present comprehension.
12. Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers. Even his idea of his limitations is based on experience of the past. and every step in his progress extends his empire. There is, therefore, no reason to assign theoretical limits to what he may be, or to what he may do.
13. Every man is more or less aware that his individuality comprises several orders of existence, even when he maintains that his subtler principles are merely symptomatic of the changes in his gross vehicle. A similar order may be assumed to extend throughout nature.
14. Man is capable of being, and using, anything which he perceives; for everything that he perceives is in a certain sense a part of his being. He may thus subjugate the whole Universe of which he is conscious to his individual Will.

More from Magick without Tears

Crowley's works are brilliant and also highly amusing. While I do not find all of what he writes to be interesting or true, this is still very good.

In understanding a basic definition of magick being the art and science of change to occur in conformity to will is not so easy really, if you endure to define through words your true will. There is a conversation developing, but the communication is not so clear. I detect an internal struggle, which is displaying itself in an ongoing conversation with a spirit guide, who is also a "real person". It turns suddenly into a debate of knowledge and will and discussions on truth, morals and ethics, blame, impotency, lack of direction, philosophies, sorrow, joy and I believe to be rooted in trying to listen to the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). I am not so sure it is him, but have a strong and unusual bond that attempts over and over to rectify itself.
A few weeks have been noticing an observable "reconciliation of opposites", felt at a cellular level, psychic level, and mental emotional level. Unconscious/conscious merge. Alchemy's hermaphrodite child of the sun and moon.

On New Year's Day, I awoke feeling sincere labor pains, but am not physically pregnant. In some of these old teachings they say that the mother (isis) dies in childbirth to horus (the hermaphrodite -symbol of wholeness) and enters into his spirit (as well as the father). This was done through a strange process with this real life man that I mentioned earlier and even more strange series of events in which I was taken inside a world with him that has taken me through these initiations, very unbeknownst to my conscious self. I have only validated these experiences (as I have ALL my other experiences) "through the back door", meaning that once they occur, I find a similar teaching from any (usally mystical) tradition to have some kind of sense of where "I am".

It was strange to me to wake up on NY's Day and have this "Mystical child" which came as a dream for the world and especially America--through my "organization" ie work, which up until then had been rather held apart as a seperate entity that granted me a paycheck. Also my "personal website", my "personal friends" were all illuminated to me to be part of the mix of energies that would go into this Work/work.

This reawakened this "lot in life" to an idea of really what to do with it (earth and space museum) and make it a wonderful manifestation and celebration of this journey so far--something I believe to be good for other people, but wonder how much truth is in this statement still at this time.

In the midst of this highly creative and also intellectual spell, I was asked by him to "stop learning and know everything" which seems to be a message people with sticks like to keep trying to tell me, and well be it so, but I am not yet prepared to exactly "enter the child", which i think to mean something I said when I originally came here and that was lay down knowledge and throw away the self. I think this is less nihilism and more becoming one with the water, which is sacred law moving through the world--which is a lofty way of saying something I don't understand completely. It also feels as if "I should" do this as it is reflecting in all the old prophecies to do this. That does not mean by any means we lay aside "the idea of doing magick", or give up anything, but rather it means to BECOME the magic. To be the dreamer inside the dream and know no difference between.

Please excuse a bit of rambling and so on, but my computer is down and the damn laptop does not have the ease of use as the other.

True will for me will only be able to manifest through a kind of detached idea of its outcome and maybe be a certain fluid and frenzied activity of creativity and intelligence combined.

Reply Mon 15 Jan, 2007 03:14 am
@Electra phil,

Electra wrote:
There is a conversation developing, but the communication is not so clear. I detect an internal struggle, which is displaying itself in an ongoing conversation with a spirit guide, who is also a "real person". It turns suddenly into a debate of knowledge and will and discussions on truth, morals and ethics, blame, impotency, lack of direction, philosophies, sorrow, joy and I believe to be rooted in trying to listen to the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA). I am not so sure it is him, but have a strong and unusual bond that attempts over and over to rectify itself.

Your thinking here is fascinating. All I can say is I believe that we must think deeply about the gods and how they function in the human psyche in the form of gestures, ideas, and personification. In my experience, if we perch ourselves alone upon the edge of midnight and put certain questions to nature (or to the Logos, or the gods) in the form of necessary questions, then we get a definitive reply.


In the midst of this highly creative and also intellectual spell, I was asked by him to "stop learning and know everything" which seems to be a message people with sticks like to keep trying to tell me, and well be it so, but I am not yet prepared to exactly "enter the child", which i think to mean something I said when I originally came here and that was lay down knowledge and throw away the self. I think this is less nihilism and more becoming one with the water, which is sacred law moving through the world--which is a lofty way of saying something I don't understand completely. It also feels as if "I should" do this as it is reflecting in all the old prophecies to do this. That does not mean by any means we lay aside "the idea of doing magick", or give up anything, but rather it means to BECOME the magic. To be the dreamer inside the dream and know no difference between.

Be careful Electra. Throwing away the self doesn't sound good to my mind. Perhaps it is not as unusual of an experience as you might think, I mean, the experience of "becoming the magic"?

I think that it could also mean simply that you are spiritually ambitious -which as I said before is cherished by god-. I mean, it could be just a reflection of pure desire. (An alternate interpretation could be that you want to have another child?!? Your true will as a woman?) These are just some suggestions, something to think about.

Your writing is really good too, I can tell you are in an exalted state. I hope you feel as good as you sound, because you're blowing me away here!!


True will for me will only be able to manifest through a kind of detached idea of its outcome and maybe be a certain fluid and frenzied activity of creativity and intelligence combined.

Now that sounds perfectly reasonable to me. A detached idea combined with its related activity. I achieved something like it once...I'm trying to repeat it just now!

I don't mean to change the subject too radically. But your New Year's Child reminds me of a poem I wrote once. Maybe you'll like it: It was supposed to be about how any type of thinking can be possible at all:

The End of Metallic Numbers

What composite to birth
Does being survive
Whence the drama
In the crime
In your head comes to life

Who is a Queen before many histories
To the end of Her metallic numbers
Half-born in the hive?

At what perfection to creation
Do your arrows arrive?
Down in the infinite divisions
Of the Forms we have primed
A snarling womb, very darkly
Changes its mind.

Keep it real, Electra! (That's a hipster saying :cool: ) And please keep writing!

But, in the end I guess I would concentrate upon the more "objective" and "rational" sources of knowledge in order to discover those subtle energies that seem tied up with the quieter elements of experience; and to make them scream and rage and cry out "here is the truth!".

Maybe I'm only saying that because I find your profundity a bit frightening - ...in a good way!

with love--

Communication is hard. Especially when your interlocuter is so smart! Anyway, please keep me posted. And as we used to say in Dorchester: have a wicked pissa day!!

Please take care of yourself.
Electra phil
Reply Mon 15 Jan, 2007 05:12 am
Dear P

That was an excellent poem.

I am sure there is a better way to express what I mean about becoming one with it that does not sound challenging to your sense of individuality.

Maybe a metaphor will work. A mediocre artist will say, "I am going to paint a picture." And he approches his canvas with a very mundane idea, of say a bowl of fruit. He tries to apply what he sees with his eyes to the canvas in a way in which he, the canvas and the bowl of fruit are all viewed as objects set apart from eachother. His idea of painting is very mechanical to some degree and he will be very aware in this state to things like the passing of time, he will watch as his hand struggles to put depict the object, etc. He is self-aware to a degree of being self-conscious, which in some ways is thwarting his primary activity. The exercise of painting will be somewhat challenging, like a toddler learning to walk. It is an attempt at getting "the orchestra" to peform with perfect pitch and timing. The oboes are off, the cymbals miss their cue. This is where practice, practice, practice is taking place to develop his art. Now, to Crowley, this exercise is still magic, just not magic to a high degree.

A great artist will say, "I just painted this picture. When I started it, I had no idea what I was going to paint, but felt a creative spell or urge come over me. It enraptured me and took me to a state of being where I, the paint, the canvas, the painting, and the mental idea (or could even be an object that captures the imagination) became one. It went in me, I went in it. I expressed in my painting a merging of these things. I did not apply "my idea" to the canvas, I was not aware of my hand as it touched the brush to the canvas...but rather let the energies and the moment take over me. I was lost to time, to the idea that I was even an artist and from the depth of my being came this work."

I don't think I am in an exalted state, but I do think I am inside an intense process that is very alchemical. My profundity often frightens people and often they wonder about where I am coming from. The main objective is to arrive at a place where I have become actualized on all levels. My work is primarily directed at Walter Russell's statement that "genius is self-bestowed."

In trying to interject on a conversation on this board yesterday, I slightly offended the poster and Justin mentioned that he thought I was getting 'too philosophical'. I think that all of us are in different places with things. I for one may be working on "magic", mystical states, logic, imperatives, the nature of reality, human potential, etc. If I am conscious of the fact that this is what I am working on, I don't see why my particular view is challenging or insulting to others. It should be felt that we trust each other's "process" and that we are bringing what we have to offer and where *we are at* to the discussion. This can illuminate a topic in many directions and in this way we all learn, rather than just lending an opinion. I wondered yesterday if the object of philosophy is an ongoing pursuit of wisdom (or not) making your life a work of art. If this definition is true, that means that there are infinite directions (non-Euclidean? in my circles they call it hyperdimensional) to go, and not simply a linear conclusion based on choices to be drawn about any topic.

All of this directly seems related to "go with the flow" which is a shorter way of all I have said above. This is a simple concept and one I probably have the most difficulty with. In alchemy it is two-fold: fixing the volatile and sublimation.

Beautiful poem, once again. I would like to include it in my webpage, with your permission.

Have a great day.
Electra phil
Reply Mon 15 Jan, 2007 06:26 am
@Electra phil,
A note to clarify a little bit:

Thelema incorporates the idea of the cyclic evolution of Cultural Consciousness as well as of Personal Consciousness. History is considered to be divided into a series of "Aeons", each with its own dominant concept of divinity and its own "formula" of redemption and advancement. The current Aeon is termed the Aeon of Horus. The previous Aeon was that of Osiris, and previous to that was the Aeon of Isis. The neolithic Aeon of Isis is considered to have been dominated by the Maternal idea of divinity, and its formula involved devotion to Mother Earth in return for the nourishment and shelter She provided. The Classical/Medieval Aeon of Osiris is considered to have been dominated by the Paternal Principle, and its formula was that of self-sacrifice and submission to the Father God. The modern Aeon of Horus is considered to be dominated by the Principle of the Child, the sovereign individual; and its formula is that of growth, in consciousness and love, toward self-realization.

According to Thelemic doctrine, the expression of Divine Law in the Aeon of Horus is "Do what thou wilt". This "Law of Thelema", as it is called, is not to be interpreted as a license to indulge every passing whim, but rather as the divine mandate to discover one's True Will or true purpose in life, and to accomplish it; leaving others to do the same in their own unique ways. The "acceptance" of the Law of Thelema is what defines a Thelemite; and the discovery and accomplishment of the True Will is the fundamental concern of all Thelemites. Achieving the "Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel" is considered an integral part of this process. The methods and practices to be employed in this process are numerous and varied; and are grouped together under the generalized term "Magick".

This is directly related to another post "Free Sovereigns".
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@Electra phil,
Electra wrote:

Beautiful poem, once again. I would like to include it in my webpage, with your permission.

Go right ahead, I would be honored. But I want you to know that I consider it the second best poem I've ever recorded (I also have several "endings" to the poem). Also please link me to your website again, if you could, I don't want to miss anything.

I just want to give you this regarding the internet as a source for an oncoming utopia. It is a reader's book review of a classic book by Frank E. Manuel and Fritzie P. Manuel called "Utopian Thought in the Western World". I highly recommend the book and thought maybe you would find his review interesting:

"The great utopians have been our great realists." With this powerful insight the Manuels embark on a journey of 2,500 years which leaves the mind spinning. From Plato's Mediterranean Republic to More's island of Utopia; from Bacon's New Atlantis to Marx's Paradise of the Proletariat; and from Campanella's City of the Sun to McLuhan's Global Village, the utopian instinct has set in motion a series of visions which have been the key drivers behind major social and scientific accomplishments in the western world.

In chronicling what they call "the utopian propensity of mind," the Manuels essentially create a new genre, at once literary and philosophical. At its broadest, it would reach into the religious sphere - the "utopian moments" of Eastern Enlightenments, the Revelations of St. John on the island of Patmos. But the Manuels, wisely, pull back from the cosmic view to the generally secular, social, visions of a better world on earth.

The best utopians are realists, in that they focus the fire of their vision on the concrete specifics of this world, transporting them into the framework of an ideal universe. The vision, to quote a poet, is that of "real toads in imaginary gardens." Setting out from points of contact in the real world, they move into uncharted territories and terrains, places where no one has yet gone. Etymologically, "Utopia" is the Great Good Place which is No Place. Chimerical, fantastic, improbable, and motivating, Utopias are the engines behind our evolutionary imaginations.

At 900 pages and 17 pounds, this beautifully written, erudite and witty book from the 1970s is an unrecognized national treasure, waiting, like some ancient artifact of utopia itself, to be uncovered and released to the world.

Like the imaginary voyages of the 18th century, like science fiction, and like the virtual realities of the Worldwide Web, the visionary landscapes of utopia startle, wake up, and propel us towards the creation of our own future. Go buy this from your nearest Amazon used-book dealer, and start creating your own future!
The Manuels' map of utopia is a map of the human imagination at its richest, and actually could become a roadmap for the Worldwide Web as well.

I think that once technology can begin to connect some of the human senses directly to the internet then we can experience a wider range of sensualism and sensual-special-effects that could bring us not only physical but spiritual excitations and satisfactions and here-to-fore unknown possibilities.

As this technology frees us from the ancient burdens of agrarian enslavement and industrialization (as free sovereigns?) while simultaneously providing us with deeper comological perspectives it is up to us to furnish new worlds of intelligibility within which we are to get meaning and direction. Like "do what thou wilt" by finding the proper direction in the universe.

I would add that already certain psycho-active drugs and nanobots are replacing surgical techniques and also enhancing human performances. In future we may be able to have simulated experiences and perhaps also attack our geo-political enemies by releasing chemical sequences into wireless signals which are broadcast via satellites.

And Neo-biological civilization may be nearer than we think. I have researched a U.F.O. sighting that took place in Phoenix in 1997 and I can say officially that something fishy happened over Phoenix that night. (There's also a recent U.F.O. sighting out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport which I posted here at the forums which any person with any sense of curiosity whatever would surely read about.) I'm thinking that we may be part of a cosmically natural, symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us.

I also think that we will begin to treat robots as beloved family as we begin to endow nature with rights formerly reserved for men.

Electra, as per my individuality I would say that I don't mind the odd symbiotic, ecstatic union. In fact I desire it...from time to time. As long as it is enlightened.

with love--



[CENTER]It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.
~ Voltaire ~[/CENTER]

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