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Hello INTERNET friends it is my hope to share with you some of my life experiences and struggles to find reason truth meaning and purpose for our existence. I have had deep and profound experiences that could be called mysterious or mystical. I have life long insatiably researched into every religious thought both esoteric and conventional.

I like to believe that I am an original thinker and would also like to communicate and receive philosophical, metaphysical, esoteric, astrophysics, astronomical truths.

I am also knowledgeable in the sciences, such as astronomy, physics, and mechanical engineering in heavy industry.
I have read hundreds of books on every topic one could think of. My real love was/is Science fiction of which I have read since I was a boy of seven or eight.

My reading and writings, however, revolve around both fiction and science fact
I am much into the near death phenomenon and out of body experiences of which I have both and I am more than willing to share.

Before my retirement as an Industrial Engineer/Business Analyst, I held many different work titles during my long career at the South African Electricity Supply Commission ESKOM,, such as Industrial/Mechanical Engineer/ Business& System Analyst/IT Manager/Project Planner/Maintenance Planning Officer/Senior Information Officer and much more.

I was involved in introducing and lecturing on the computerized critical path method for turbine and power station boilers on huge up to 2 000 megawatt power stations here in South Africa, where I live
I also worked as a young man on the gold mines in South Africa

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