One consciousness

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Greta phil
Reply Thu 3 Jun, 2010 01:38 am
The human spirit is just the non physical energy side of a being. I have learnt to escape my body and can travel anywhere I want - all you need is a medium to travel through. It is a higher level of energy tha the physical side (of course - that is). I have to say - it is awesome and the best way to learn about this is to get on and do it.....where there is a will...there is a way. We learn what we do, not what someone says.
mark noble
Reply Thu 3 Jun, 2010 09:59 am
savagemonk;23257 wrote:
It is proven in some cases in my life that there is a benevolent presence among us. There have been cases where I should have been dead but miraculously avoided death. I can't say that I saw angels or the hand of God reach down and save me. I searched long and relentlessly for an explanation to why I was not gone from this realm. The only thing that I could come to was that. God does exist just not in a manner that we can explain. It is clearly quoted throughout history that God is everything and is in everything. There for we can not place him in one perception. Human nature forces us to try and put an identity to God. To create a point of reference to give us a fuzzy feeling that we know what God is.

The way that I see it is that God works through variables in the physical plane. For example you are driving down the road late at night. As you round the corner a deer is standing in your lane. It was to sudden for you to react. But "coincidently" the dear just happened to be inches from impact , and you slide past. Most people would write that off as being lucky. I personally see it as God changing the variables to answer your prayer.

Most people are under the impression that a miracle has to be some grand display of supernatural power. A miracle can be as subtle as a distraction, keeping you from walking into a bus.

Why is it that we have to prove the differences in science, religion, and spirituality. To me it makes more sense to see that they are all in connection with each other. Basically God is everything and everything has a pattern to it's existence and evolution. There for science would be the tools of creation that God uses to aid and create.

Hi Savagemonk,

I agree on almost all points - except that (In the deer case) I believe the variables were as meant to be, and not altered.

I would also like to add a few factors of my own. - God is oneness, and I don't mean any fixed-God either. We are all God, in part (like cells in a body), we each exist slightly out-of-sync with each other - therefore God can be in all places at once. I don't believe that God is also seperate to the sum of It's parts. Without any one of these parts - God is incomplete - Therefore each and every part must exist eternally, for God to exist eternally - They may well appear to decay or die and pass into the past, but, ultimately, they must re-occur, in the same location as before and in every possible other location. I will be you, am you and have been you - And every component of everything there is, was, and will be - from everlasting to everlasting. And you (the same) and so on, forever.

There are volumes of parameters involved with this concept - And over time I will formulate them and Thread them, for all to either enjoy or tear to pieces.

One thing I'd like to add before I sign out is this - I am in heaven already.
Where are you? By the way, I mean "It doesn't get any better than this" Not a place with pearly gates, angels and whatever other fantastically devised notions "Heaven" is wrongly, attributed with. " Heaven" to me, is a state of mind.

Thank you, and have a splendid day.

Alan McDougall
Reply Tue 8 Jun, 2010 12:19 am
@mark noble,

The physical universe and the Super-consciousness

All information, both past, present, and future, exists in the ""Super-consciousness"." The "Super-consciousness" (or Collective Mind) transcends time and space and with diligent practice, is consciously accessible from the deep state of awareness.

Sentient"intelligent beings in the universe are interconnected in what I call the Super-consciousness" this is not God; it is where information comes from for all accurate predictions and visions, whether auditory, visual, or emotional. It encompasses all that is and all that will be in our universe. In truth, it is where our thoughts go to and come from. We only perceive these whispering thoughts in our brain and usually take little notice of them but we should try to be more aware and connect with this source of universal knowledge for the benefit of humankind, we have learned to filter out them to our disadvantage.

I see it as something similar to the hive mind of the bee or ant but that, which connects all higher beings in one consciousness throughout the universe. I speculate this "Super-consciousness" is finite consisting of finite albeit highly intelligent life forms throughout the universe and "is not the infinite creator God" but one of his creations. A sort of galactic, or universal INTERNET, think how useful this source would be if only we could gain access to it when we want to?
think rethink
Reply Wed 9 Dec, 2015 10:18 am
Most likely, my post will reflect a lack of respect to diverse forms of human experience.

Possibly, it will expose my refusal to acknowledge, my current mental limitations.

Will be glad to be awakened to my temporary truth, by some of members here, as long as they continue to respect themselves by respecting their fellow group members in the giant solo human family.

A lot, of what I deciphered in this topic, is resembling to me, emotion, dressed up as logic.

Real Logic to me, is the art, of selecting and adopting mental positions, that serve ones self as a lifetime protector of harm, and assistant to benefit.

To make the above statement more user friendly,
Allow me to add this little condition.

All is well in the above description of logic, as long as one agrees, that due to our social requirements, harming humanity in any location (you, or your fellow humans) will never ever result in a long term benefit to one's sense of belonging, to one's internal sense of safety, to one's self respect, and to the numerous additional components, found in any healthy thriving human identity.

It's likely that many of the theories presented by members, do just that, they assist in establishing a protective emotional barrier, against various fears and threatening panic infusing mental images surrounding them.

As long, as they do not also contain harming attributes, that will turn one into loosing out in the big time picture over the long run,

Enjoy your mental inventions.

Reply Sat 16 Apr, 2016 10:55 am
One thing I don't understand though, is why God would expose himself to horrible torment? Of course, without suffering, the good things wouldn't be as joyful, but if you think of the torture inflicted on people in the middle ages by the church, it's pretty damn extreme.... Hmmm.. Any thoughts, anyone thinking the same as me?

I think most of the contradictions found in various POVs about God are due to the almost universal idea that he is 'Omnipotent' (or infinitely intelligent as you put it). The whole concept of that is contradictory - Can God make a rock too heavy for him to lift? And why would he necessarily be Omnipotent even if it were possible? I think things are easier to make sense of if we assume he does have limitations.

But even at that, I can't wrap my head around the concept of 'All are One'. Even the most altruistic of people are ego centric. We are so tied to our individual identity that it's absurd to deny it. Having an identity is not a bad thing either. We can only help someone else from who and where we are.

As smart as I think I am, I'm not in the same league as whatever made this place. Even if we put all our collective minds together (and that's almost possible now) we could not 'do' this universe. Something else did it and I assume it was God.

When I ask myself, 'Why would an Omnipotent God have made us and this place' I come up with nothing. But when I assume a God that isn't Omnipotent, the answer is obvious. He wanted company. This environment seems like the perfect crucible to create that. It's a real meat grinder but that's the nature of the beast if you want good company.

But ask me when I'm wreathing in agony and I might answer differently. If it didn't end or have a doorway out, I'd begin to doubt my whole theory.

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