Coming to terms with death

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Reply Wed 7 Apr, 2010 04:16 pm
@sometime sun,
I read about alcohol in the Koran and it convinced me to give that up. I tried but it's such a social thing and I enjoy it. In the Koran, the idea is simple and it makes sense. It says that water is life and alcohol is the opposite of water, it dries, so alcohol is anti-life, which is easy to demostrate. But as always the cultural factor is important and demands to be taken into consideration. Same thing with sex, in our societies it is seen as a healthy activity whereas in
some cultures like in Papua New Guinea sex is seen as dangerous for health and must be handled with great caution. So I suppose there is no golden rule and it's better like that. I personally find that sex has become too important and I suspect that people talk more about it than they actually engage in it...but what do I know.
Reply Wed 7 Apr, 2010 10:01 pm
Pyrrho;149199 wrote:
That is the fallacy known as argumentum ad ignorantiam. Not being able to prove something true does not make it false. And, of course, you have not even established that it cannot be proven true.
If none of our senses can be trusted in deciding whenever we are inside an ilusion or not, because an ilusion would affect our senses, and if our senses are our only tool to perceive the world, then we cannot prove to not be inside an ilusion.

The first argument is actually dependant on the third. I really should unify this whole thing =)

I agree it is wrong as it is.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

Have you never fallen asleep? The end of consciousness is quite common. (Presumably, you mean "conscious" rather than "conscience".)
Not so. I perceive two moments of conscience, and between these two moments a very large amount of real-life time passes. For all pratical purposes, I was sleeping. Philosophically speaking, I can just have changed between two "slideshows".

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

So, you believe that no one else and nothing else exists when you personally don't perceive it?
I believe everything is more than I can see. Its pointless to see it as an ilusion because I cannot escape the ilusion, if I could, that would be relevant.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

Why do you believe that your humanity is an illusion? Perhaps it is that that is the real illusion.
Ilusion is not the correct word due to the reason stated above. Its more like: There is more to me than just the "me" I perceive.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

So you believe that nothing happens that is not percieved? That esse est percipi ("to be is to be perceived")? Why do you believe that?
Not exactly, I believe nothings happens then I am not perceiving time.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

What is your evidence for such claims?
We cannot prove that there is nothing beyond the know universe, not ever. As the know universe exists, without any possible logical explanation, I dont think its logically possible to claim any limits for what there exists to be absolute.

An analogy: If a particle pops out of nowhere, an infinite number of particles will follow.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

It does not follow from there being infinite space and infinite types of things, that therefore everything that one can think of happens. To give an example of infinity that lacks something, imagine the set of natural numbers but without the number 2. That set is infinite, but excludes something, namely 2. Indeed, an infinite set can leave out infinite things, such as the set of even numbers, which is infinite, but leaves out the set of odd numbers, which is also infinite. So, an infinite number of things happening does not entail that everything happens. So your argument is simply fallacious.
I think my previous quote answer answers this.

Pyrrho;149199 wrote:

Prove that we can't prove that souls don't exist. (You might want to start with a definition of what you mean by "soul", as that term is used with somewhat different meanings in different contexts.)
I really dont wanna define "soul" =)

And if you accept that everything imaginable exists, souls are obviously included, so this answer isnt really needed (Unless you convince me of that certain imaginable things dont exist).
Reply Wed 7 Apr, 2010 10:15 pm
@Mentally Ill,
On a lighter note, Woody Allen once said he wasn't afraid of dying, he just didn't want to be there when it happened.
Reply Thu 8 Apr, 2010 07:25 am
manored;149473 wrote:

And if you accept that everything imaginable exists, souls are obviously included, so this answer isnt really needed (Unless you convince me of that certain imaginable things dont exist).

So you believe in unicorns and Santa Claus?
Reply Thu 8 Apr, 2010 09:01 pm
Pyrrho;149570 wrote:
So you believe in unicorns and Santa Claus?
No. I prefer to use the word believe to refer only to this world we perceive, not for the entire universe. If you ask me if I think Santa Claus and unicorns exist anywhere in the universe, then my answer is yes.

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