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Sat 21 Nov, 2009 08:08 pm - [QUOTE=Camerama;104983]In a rational society men are entitled to certain rights. Those who initiate force against another individual's rights open themselves to a just punishment. A punishment... (view)
Sat 21 Nov, 2009 01:54 pm - [QUOTE=xris;104856][QUOTE]Any one who claims it is justified should be prepared to carry out the sentence themselves. The UK stopped capital punishment because of the many incorrect judgements that... (view)
Sat 21 Nov, 2009 02:14 am - My opinion on the Death Penalty is that it is justifiable only under certain circumstances but I won't explain my reasoning here. They are too complicated. And I prefer to leave the thread... (view)
Sat 21 Nov, 2009 02:00 am - [QUOTE=kennethamy;104798][QUOTE]I suppose that it depends on the people. But does the question ask about what explains why they do what they do, or about what justifies them in doing what they... (view)
Fri 20 Nov, 2009 09:21 pm - Why do some people look down with contempt at people with no money? And why do some people hold in great esteem people with lots of money? This thread was suggested by Shostakovich's wife. (view)
Fri 20 Nov, 2009 12:15 am - [QUOTE=Lithium;84423]Why did I have to inherit Adam and Eve's punishment of eating from the tree, when no decision (excluding the "earthly Jesus") from any other person in my life... (view)
Sun 15 Nov, 2009 11:14 pm - [QUOTE=kennethamy;103723]Not "begging the question"; raising the question.[/QUOTE] That would be better, yes. [COLOR=silver][SIZE=50]---------- Post added 11-15-2009 at 09:17 PM... (view)
Sun 15 Nov, 2009 09:18 pm - [QUOTE=salima;103710] [QUOTE] the reason i dont like the word created is because ... i would say it manufactured, built, transfigured, any number of other words to escape the connotation of... (view)
Sun 15 Nov, 2009 06:22 pm - [QUOTE=salima;103423][QUOTE]maybe this is the part where will comes into play. xris, suppose we dont think of the absolute as supreme being, but only as mind...mind being not an object or tangible... (view)
Sun 15 Nov, 2009 05:53 pm - Hello, and welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum. (view)
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