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Fri 12 Mar, 2010 04:50 am - [QUOTE=Fil. Albuquerque;138899]...True and False are objects of one pan-object in the Meta-object...:smartass::deep-thought::Cara_2:[/QUOTE] I disagree, True is what actually exists. False is... (view)
Wed 10 Mar, 2010 06:01 pm - I dont want to put words in anyone's mouth so let me be clear that I am just trying to understand what it is that Albuquerqe is saying. It seems to me that he is suggesting that reality is... (view)
Wed 10 Mar, 2010 06:55 am - There is a large white screen in the back of the room. A projector is casting an image of a man standing there from an old movie that is playing. What we are looking at is the visual image of an... (view)
Tue 9 Mar, 2010 08:07 am - [QUOTE=Fil. Albuquerque;137833]Whatever you do, or choose, you do it because you are you and not someone else...the costume, whatever you pick, does n' t hide you... by the contrary, it... (view)
Tue 9 Mar, 2010 05:57 am - [QUOTE=Fil. Albuquerque;137828]...your halloween costume says everything about you...why should it not ? :)[/QUOTE] I know you mean that jokingly but I take the opportunity beneficially anyway.... (view)
Tue 9 Mar, 2010 05:46 am - [QUOTE=HexHammer;137785]Let me put it this way then, I find you very amuseing. :lol:[/QUOTE] Fortunately, for humanity, I take it a little more seriously than you do than. Some people are amused... (view)
Tue 9 Mar, 2010 05:37 am - [QUOTE=longknowledge;137802]How about a cigar for Ortega y Gasset: "Appearance" is the form that "reality" takes during the act of "perception." This is true of the... (view)
Mon 8 Mar, 2010 09:03 pm - [QUOTE=HexHammer;137705]Rather seems you should study psycology, since you use the term in a too broad scale. :flowers:[/QUOTE] Exactly my point Hex, its really a simple matter to bring to... (view)
Mon 8 Mar, 2010 11:05 am - [QUOTE=HexHammer;137530]Seems I understood you perfectly. What you speak of, is selfcenterdness, excatly the rules fashionslaves lives by. ..ruled by emotion, ruled by group think.[/QUOTE] Okay... (view)
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