Who's afraid of death?

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Reply Sun 30 Aug, 2009 07:03 pm
I don't know how you can fear death... A 70-80 year average lifespan is a huge step from the previously lower amounts. I don't have anything to be ashamed of when I die, and I'm damn glad I will die eventually, hopefully before I go braindead or live off of life support. Heck, the cances of a car running me over on any given day are fairly high given all of the bad (and agressive) drivers out here. It doesn't get in my way of doing something meaningful because I wouldn't see it coming.
Reply Mon 31 Aug, 2009 12:05 am
I really don't see why we should put up a fuss about fearing death. Do you remember being born? Well I don't think we will remember dying either. For all we know, death might be the most euphoric feeling you have ever experienced. Sure it might be painful leading up to the point but who knows, it might be more pleasurable than a sexual climax. You might even want to do it again. This thought only leaves me with a curiosity rather than fear. In some strange way, I even look forward to the experience, even if it is the last experience I will ever have.
Reply Mon 31 Aug, 2009 06:48 am
I think we are well gone before the body actually dies. The pain it suffers is for our selfish benefit as we witness that suffering if it is indeed present for "us" to observe. I suspect that "soul' which is "us" departs before any suffering actually takes place. I promise you there are those who are dead, who only appear alive as they are numb to the feelings of others as their souls are so damn dark. Unfortunately their bodies aren't close to wearing out giving some credence to the words zombie and vampire as they suck the life out of everyone they encounter ensuring their own existence. Perhaps we all have a little zombie and vampire in us as we try so desperately to hold on to that life for fear of not knowing what lies beyond the grave and the reason we mourn at the loss of that life we "preyed" upon. Something to think about.

Perhaps there is some truth to my signature as I live it now every day and know the effect it has had on me as it will you if you truly believe it. Do I fear death? Not in the least. Now explaining that to those close to me or anyone else is indeed a task, I assure you. I didn't always think this way as I too was unsure as to what death was. Should it be a part of our consciousness? Yes, we do witness it, fair enough, but it is what we perceive it to be is what really matters as we ponder this "negative" polarity that is deemed the opposite of that "positive" life we live representing that duality that dictates you can't have one without the other. How so very tragic that is as we consider them opposite but equal and not a natural part of our existence in that continuum expressed in that signature.

I will admit understanding my signature can be very tedious as we explore all that would entail to believe it were very true. It's not death that I mourn, it's the cause of that death that makes me so very angry for most are suicides in some degree or another and not natural occurrence's by any stretch of the imagination. Bodies don't die, we kill them as we have not truly lived in my sincere opinion. We do not live life if that life is at the expense of another for then we become thieves chipping away at that inner tree we call a conscience, the judge that witnesses all our actions that serve as testimony to our greedy, possessive nature as we covet that very life that in and of itself serve as the very gallows that springs pulled by our own hand resulting in the loss of the life we did have for it was not "our" life but those of others that sustain us. That is why we mourn when a life is taken away for with it goes that life in ourselves goes with it as we lose that which sustains us in our selfish, possessive nature. The more we effort to "hold on" to that life, is the strangle hold that takes that breath away.

Once you truly begin to understand all that my signature represents, it will bring about as most significant "turn about" in those perceptions of life and all that life represents in all it's representations as you "will" see them in a different light as you become more "optimistic" as to what tomorrow brings, rather than dwell on the darkness you fear as you effort to avoid that "black hole" and what lies beyond. So it is not death itself, it is what lies beyond that we fear as we struggle to hold on to the one we are experiencing "now". How so very greedy that is if you truly think about it.

Those that hold on the most are truly the zombies of this reality and those who are the most selfish as they use all their power to sustain their life at the expense of others and fear death the most for they lose all feelings that are what make life so rewarding preventing any joy as they exist in solitude only sustain by those sycophants who worship them and all they have selfishly obtained.

So, do I fear death? The answer is unequivocally NO! I believe it doesn't exist. I am not a selfish person by any stretch of the imagination and I have a hard time being in the presence of one who is as they attempt to steal from me what they need to sustain them. That's were my "temper" comes from, most definitely and in this reality it takes all I can muster to insure it stays under control, believe me!

NoOne phil
Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2009 07:49 am
BrightNoon;22927 wrote:

I don't want to sound callous, I love life. I just feel that there is a needless fear of something absolutely certain to happen and without which, life would eventually become much more horrible, in my opinion. Also, not that I'm in any hurry, but when that time does arrive, I'd rather like to see what all the fuss is about...:bigsmile:

A human body acquisition system is that system of the human body which must acquire something from the environment, process that which it has acquired for a product that sustains and promotes the life of the body.

This places what we call ourselves, mind, in the category of human body acquisition systems, whose function is to acquire experience, abstract from those experiences, human will such that that will sustains and promotes the life of the body.

I would tender, that to the degree the human mind is developed, the greater the fear, the greater the motivation, to do one's job--this job, to have life and have it more abundantly.

I think it is the lack of fear of dying that promotes the sociopathic mass murderer, who intends on dying with during or after his criminal behavior.

I think it is the lack of fear of death, that promts the arrogance of the relious person who kills in the name of thier impotent god, believing that life is just a diversion to immortality.

So, on the whole, though it might be wise to teach the foolish not to fear death, it is easy to use them for cannon fodder then, I believe that in truth, a man who fears not dying has nothing to contribute to life.

A wise man once said that he came such that man might have life and have it more abundantly then, the results were, sadly, a culture that worships not life, but death.

At many ways, man's justifies the metaphor that he is like the grass of the field, for when the Spirit blows, it bows in the opposite direction.

Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2009 09:25 am
@NoOne phil,
I believe that it's irrational to fear the state of death in itself, because death is not really a state at all. There nothing to intrinsically fear about non-existence. What I fear is the pain that can be acquired during the dying process. I also have some disdain for losing sensory experience, but I'm not so sure that I would call it fear. Death is a misfortune in my eyes, but it is not the worst of them in my opinion. There are misfortunes you can live through that are far worse than death.
NoOne phil
Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2009 09:34 am
I think the bigger question is,

It is claimed, by what many call a religious text, that in general, man is not yet alive. Is there any truth to it? And if there is, is there a way to actually become alive?

I have learned that the text is indeed true--it has nothing to do with mysticism, it has to do with an organisms acquistion systems evolving to become functional over time. Thus, by fact, and biological definition, one might see the truth of what appears to the dead as mysticism or fantasy.

So, I do not see that we are alive with death inevitable, but that we are inevitably dead, being given a chance to find life.

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