Philosophic jokes

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The Jester phil
Reply Mon 4 Jan, 2010 11:55 am
Fido;116914 wrote:
Perhaps as an old man married to a younger wife I sort of resemble your remarks...In fact; she hot and I'm not, so it kind of kicks my spare tire..

I see that you see that joke as my remarks... be it as you wish. But man, you're funny (and I'm not joking, I'm serious :bigsmile:)
Reply Mon 4 Jan, 2010 12:14 pm
I only smelll funny...
Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2010 07:00 pm
The Jester;116911 wrote:

Interesting... do you so enjoy complicating that the complication of a not complicated joke made that not complicated joke so complicated that its simplicity has been ground to over-complication without any complicated reason of making it so? it's just a joke...Very Happy
Your sneaky words wont fool me, thats pure nosense =)

Fido;116944 wrote:
I only smelll funny...
Well, stop doing that. Your wife would probally apreciate it =)

Fido;116817 wrote:
Well; I am an old one percenter too....One thing you might want to notice about people is that there is nothing rational about their emotion... They cannot reason themselves out of their fear any more than they can reason out of their loves...It would take an extremely irrational sum to get people to do what their emotions telll them is dangerous, and even deadly... When we see people behave carelessly with their lives, we have to ask if they are all there...In fact; they believe in two things nearly equally irrational...They believe in their own skill, which is denying their falability, and they are believing it their fortune, which is idiotic; but great deeds have been done by such people, -and equally tragic blunders costing many lives...Never trust yourself...Never count on luck...
Off course there is nothing rational about emotions, thats the whole point of emotions! =) Emotions, instincts, programs, aka: non-logical things, are what gives logical systems a reason to so something. A computer will only do something if it is programmed. Why? Because there is no logical reason to do anything, except if its programming says so. But a program isnt made out of a logical deduction from the computer itself.

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