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Reply Mon 24 May, 2010 03:31 am
Reconstructo;167891 wrote:
I'm sort of in the middle here. There is something fishy. I think there's a bad smell to the thing. The pentagon and building 7 are especially fishy, in my opinion. Now of course there are many possible causes for this. I personally am skeptical of the official version w/o having another version.
I suspect that the full truth would be shocking..even if not as shocking as some of the theories presented. Smile
We can discuss the details forever, but what really kills me is the how many sheeps there are, that they will only see what the goverment tells them to see, and they can only see within their narrow plausible scope of vision.
Reply Mon 24 May, 2010 03:44 am
Reconstructo;167947 wrote:
I'm not going to put all sorts of time into saying why I find the situation suspicious. Because it doesn't matter much to me. But the way it was all handled was awkward. Do you think the government conceals nothing from us?
I'm simply saying that I would bet donuts to dollars that at least some significant fact has been concealed or ignored by the corporate media, the government, etc. We are talking about money, and lots of it, for one thing. So what? Are you so confident that you know the whole story? A person can easily be prejudiced in either direction. We can be too eager to find "conspiracy" or too reluctant to notice suspicious circumstances.
There is vast difference between a co up, covered up and the administration in league with Israel planning to kill thousands and blow up two significant buildings. These conspiracies are self breeding they appear to have life of their own. The Israelites could not kill one guy without their assassination being discovered. Do you honestly think any group could hide behind this atrocity without someone involved blowing their cover.
Dave Allen
Reply Mon 24 May, 2010 04:42 am
xris;168036 wrote:
The Israelites could not kill one guy without their assassination being discovered.

Oh don't say that - because then you just invite someone to go "of course they carry out the occasionally inept secret service operation - that's just to get the rest of us to drop our guard".

Anyone who is of the essential conviction that jews are somehow disproportionately in control of world events because "some of them are successful bankers" or whatever is:

a) simply denying a reality in which the jews have been put through more hardship than the ethnic, religious or cultural groups their accusers come from

b) indulging in the same sort of money worship they accuse the jews of - because why resent someone's position as a controller of the money flow (which many non-jews are as well of course) unless you think you'd do a better job of controlling money the money flow than those who do (in which case learn about banking, join a bank, perform and chase promotion opportunities - if every non-jew who moaned about the "secret zionist control of banking" actually did that we'd see more of them in control of banking - with some ugly results, I suspect)

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