Poetry by the Confused

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Cookie 2
Reply Tue 3 Oct, 2006 07:09 pm
... And another one. Laughing

Once upon a time there was
A happy little mouse
The third born in his family
That lived in some large house

Mousey was the name they gave
This happy little guy
That loved to eat and loved to play,
To watch people pass by

He never touched a crumb that was
Not offered to the floor
Discarded by the family
That never had been poor

So happy and so free and glad
The "people" family were
That part of them he thought he was
In fact, perfectly sure

For always they supplied his needs
Dependant he became
He knew not of some other way
Besides this life of shame

But then one day, one bitter morn
Mousey saw some cheese
Then Smack! and Bang! and Ouch! and pain
When he called their tease

So listen to my parable
If you are wise you'll see
Just what I speak of here and now
I feel that mouse was me.

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