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While casually reporting practice targets from the NRA litter the ground of terrorist training camps we found,
we bomb hospitals, mosques, allies, red cross, til there is no running water, no electricity, no food and no home
for anyone left alive. Still chasing specters and shadows hiding in caves, we make plans to leave, saying
the job is done. We spent enough money; let someone else pick up after us, we are on our way after
fresh game, in the cause of justice and the shame of infinite devastation. Muslims call me infidel though
I worship the same God, in Whose eyes we are one. The rest of the world calls me murderer though I cry
for the victims both living and dead. My family and friends, acquaintances, associates, call me traitor
because I feel compassion for a nation caught in the crossfire of a personal vendetta acted out by a country
whose ‘soldiers’ face no danger greater than being hit by their own planes. How I struggle to tolerate,
confronting the tendency to judge or condemn their desire for war, yet they cannot allow my point of view
or forgive my prayer for peace! Patriotism, terrorism, nationalism, fanaticism, pacifism, capitalism, tribalism---
are schisms. No one is all right and no one is all wrong. Your reflection is myself being split in two. Humanity
is diversity;conformity is entropy. The soul of man is a bird with broken wings. May we learn to radiate
so much love that bombs will be defused, falling weightlessly to the ground like deflated balloons. By the
grace of God, being conscious of Him, may we join together and walk with light in the company of angels
wherever blood is shed until every last man lays down his weapon and sings…

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