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Reply Sat 22 May, 2010 10:56 am
---Top 5 Threads (by views)----------------------------------------
I thought it would be interesting to post the top 5 threads from various parts of the forum. I put together the general discussion, philosophy 101, and the Branches of Philosophy sections. I had originally started to do the views and the posts, but then I wondered whether or not the post count would be a little redundant.

Are there any interesting things you can extrapolate from the top ranking threads in these categories or any interesting facts, coincidences, etc. you can point out?

---Superficial Findings ---------------------------------------------
One thing I was amazed to find was that the 5th highest ranking thread in the general discussion section did not have a single post in it besides the OP, even though it had 3,541 views! It also looks as though the Epistemology and Metaphysics sections are the most viewed sections.

---Additionally ----------------------------------------------------
Also, I only did a few sections, so feel free to post other section top 5 lists and your findings.

---Top 5 Lists -----------------------------------------------------

Top 5 General Discussion Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. Vegetarianism is a Higher level View 6,715 views
2. The Falsity of Altruism 6,239 views
3. The aims of Aliens - Only for believers 4,683 views
4. 10 Great Questions Of Philosophy 4,168 views
5. Stockholder vs. Stakeholder 3,541 views

Top 5 Philosophy 101 Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. argument for universal causation. 2,562 views
2. Appearance vs. Reality (gap) 1,935 views
3. Philosophy Books for Beginners 1,885 views
4. Are Humans Free? 1,582 views
5. consequentialism v.s. kantian non-consequentialism 1,371 views

Top 5 Aesthetics Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. Your Criteria for 'Good' Music? 3,663 views
2. What Defines Art? 3,150 views
3. How do you define human beauty. 2,987 views
4. RAINBOW 2,117 views
5. Why Study Literature? 2,034 views

Top 5 Ethics Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. Defending killing and eating animals is morally wrong 5,938 views
2. What makes us Human? 5,094 views
3. Is Slavery Wrong? 4,066 views
4. Would you convict this man? 3,923 views
5. Objectivity in ethics 3,231views

Top 5 Metaphysics Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. Defense of Freewill Against Determinism 12,005 views
2. numbers vs. words 11,863 views
3. Define "being" 10,438 views
4. On The Contrast Between Appearance And Reality 9,051 views
5. Know Thyself? 8,950 views

Top 5 Epistemology Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)

1. The Selfish Nature Of All Actions 18,707 views
2. Do humans actually have free will? 10,306 views
3. Skepticism and Belief 5,592 views
4. A Distinction between Fact and Truth 5,122 views
5. Can we know that something doesn't exist? 4,834 views

Top 5 Logic Threads (Ranked by views as of 5/22/10)
1. World's Most Difficult Logic Puzzle 7,222 views
2. Absolute certainty 5,410 views
3. Number to the Zero Power Equals One? 3,724 views
4. About logic 3,717 views
5. Evidence versus Proof 3,220 views
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 05:29 am
The views are accumulative so not very representative. Can you do a similar ranking based on say last 6 months instead?
Reply Sun 23 May, 2010 10:33 am
Top 15 Threads (6 month limit) in General Discussion (ranked by views as of 5/23/10)
1. 10 Great Questions Of Philosophy 4,171 views
2. is time infinite? 3,081 views
3. Do you believe in life after death? 3,056 views
4. Would we want to live forever? 2,339 views
5. Philosophic jokes 1,384 views
6. Outrageous philosophical questions 2,102 views
7. 2012 - What will happen? 2,006 views
8. Fun things to do on a rainy day 1,989 views
9. Who is you favorite philosopher and why? 1,940 views
10. What do you think of other members in this forum? 1,926 views
11. Could the internet become a conscious mind 1,870 views
12. 9/11 1,678
13. Stupid people 1,582 views
14. Purge the fools, please! 1,363 views
15. What am I? 1,357 views

I have to say though, I'm still pretty surprised by the fact that Stockholder vs. Stakeholder did not have one post in it, especially considering how many views it got. But then again, there are only 11 members who actually saw it (so I suppose the rest were guests?). It's actually a very cogent post, so I wonder why it did not catch on.

---------- Post added 05-23-2010 at 12:34 PM ----------

For the shits-n-giggles of it all, I looked through the general discussion threads going back to 2007-2008 and I can definitely tell when the forum experienced specific trends with specific topics. It really is amazing how much the forum and membership have changed.
Reply Wed 26 May, 2010 03:21 am
I wonder what these numbers compare to non-general discussion threads (i.e. other areas of this forum).
Reply Thu 17 Jun, 2010 11:30 am
this is invaluable, especially now...and a bit poignant i think.

i always wondered about the guests-like we were actors in a play people were watching. do they separate the members and guests among viewers on a2k?

i think the title a person gives causes the number of views-lots of people find something they werent expecting and dont go any further with it.

i notice here i cant roll back and see the other posts...not user friendly to adhd and alzheimers participants.


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