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Reply Sun 1 May, 2011 01:26 am
@Peace phil,
Peace phil wrote:

I absolutely don't like intellectual thinking, and your path seems quite a brain and intellectual weighted road.
This may sound odd, for I had an extremely heavy technical education in one of the best elite universities in the world. But I usually never "learnt" or was a heavy thinker. I just waited until I "got" the solution. This is how I managed my study, and I was one of the best students...
This was really strange to observe, how others had to learn and learn and learn all the time, and I just didn't. I just kept my mind empty, but it actually always worked.

Can you explain how you study, a bit more. I have a hard time studying because i lost interest in studying "science" after i was introduced to Russell's books, because I don't like learning stuff that is not truth.

Im lazy and i also dont like thinking, but i dont get what you mean by you just wait until you get it? How does this work?

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