No T.V for you.

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sometime sun
Reply Mon 10 May, 2010 05:56 pm
onetwopi;162313 wrote:
Sometime sun,
You inspire and encourage! I think the world needs more families like yours -- so creative and conversational with each other. It sounds like you experienced TV like many experience books. You and your family created your own visions of the story and characters. I definitely agree with you that the family needs to be the safe place where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

It is sadly the days and nights we were not around our focused imaginations and achievements and T.V and arts where we drifted and dispersed and even hurt one another.
I do not miss the pain only a family unfocussed can inflict.
That is why I see us all here as a family, we have the wise grandfather in jgweed, we have grandmas toy boy husband 'pap' VideCorSpoon who forces us to watch the history channel, we have the grouchy stalwart uncle in kennethamy, we have the fugitive uncle who like to bark Fido, we have the exotic and mysterious beautiful aunt Salima (more), we have a sister Caroline who the kids think she is immortal, we have the crazy jester cousin in Pepijn Sweep, we have the older beefcake, locks him self in his room brother Reconstructo, we have the cowboy cigar smoking god father William, the would rather be at college campus brother Deckard, we have the uncle brother who always brings fantazmagorical gifts Arjuna, the younger eager and one we are all jealous of younger brother mister kitten, the declaratory who in the middle of supper stands up and must be heard half brother HexHammer, (if i have missed any one of you it is not because i have forgotten or dont love you)
we have the benefactors, the ex cons, have the annoyances, the squabbles, the snot nosed, the drunks, the rebels, the geniuses, the book hitters, the play-writes, the skitters, the scatters, the grounded, the teenage pregnancies, the creepies, the hippies, the heads, the kids, the babes in cribs.
And now we have you onetwopi, where would you like to fit?
We will always make room on the sofa.
We truly are a family and it is the family that works and can achieve together that can conquer the world and birth a few of it's own, even if we all do end up being assasinated.
We never bought a pet though.Smile
Reply Mon 10 May, 2010 06:04 pm
@sometime sun,
I don't think my mind has ever gone numb watching tv. It usually isn't exerting energy to do complicated reasoning or philosophizing--but that kind of thinking is based on our experience of the world. And movies and television are like a window into a very novel, stimulating world.

The harm comes from fake drama and the spread of bad ideas.
sometime sun
Reply Mon 10 May, 2010 06:09 pm
And we have the cousin internationally recognised male model Jebediah, but he is not on location with us, but still wears his shades at the dinner table.Smile

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Khethil;162497 wrote:
Reading, gardening, walks, hobbies, riding, sports, helping family or neighbors, work on the home and social visits used to dominate most of western culture prior to the television. I think we have an ingrained desire to entertain (or otherwise occupy) ourselves.

Television brings us the news and vast stores of knowledge. But most news has become a spin-session and few people really watch documentaries. While both of these are good on their surface, they have their downsides: The news you get is what someone thinks will sell ads (and not just the commercials you skip - many shows themselves are designed to create a 'desirable' fashion, automobile or lifestyle so you go spend your money). The documentaries aired can give an real appreciation and basic concept of what's being discussed, but it's no substitute for active engagement (where that's possible).

Most people watch movies, sitcoms or other shows that are strictly entertainment. In this act, the body is virtually motionless; our reflexes slow, our heartbeats hibernate and our mind goes numb - clouding the mental faculties. I'd suspect that these negative effects probably apply to the internet (depending on what you do with it). There are a myriad of studies that decry the destructiveness television has done to our culture, ability to get along, sense of community and (perhaps most notably) the development of the human intellect in children.

While I'll be the first to stand and applaud what it's given us - its come at a price. And with such a simple, effortless way to 'plug in' and relegate living to those on the screen, its far too seductive (as an entertainment means) for our own good. I don't ever see it going away; the smartest thing we can do is to exercise self discipline to minimize the damage it does us.

Just my thoughts

Maybe it is television and other medium like radio that is to blame for our overly long life on this world and in our bodies.
Maybe T.V is indirectly responsible for life expectancy going up as our hearts and bodies are not always at work and task?
Great uncle Khethil who we all think can fly and heal the weak.
Ergo phil
Reply Tue 11 May, 2010 07:09 am
@sometime sun,
TV is like religion in that it brings the mind under control for those who are not able or willing to cultivate or discipline it.
Reply Wed 12 May, 2010 12:35 am
@sometime sun,
Technology will never be voluntarily ignored, or unused, will it? When faced with boredom, and doing something else, even if it's TV, and maybe because it's so easy, we will do it. Path of least resistance, right?
sometime sun
Reply Wed 12 May, 2010 09:19 pm
bmcreider;163298 wrote:
Technology will never be voluntarily ignored, or unused, will it? When faced with boredom, and doing something else, even if it's TV, and maybe because it's so easy, we will do it. Path of least resistance, right?

Technology is more than often ignored,
Even those with computers don't know what it is for or how to use it.
The world does not run in a server. Or does it already?
No the Inuits are still hunting their whales.

But is it a path of quality assistance as well?
Can it be salvaged?
Is it worth if it is being lost to save it?
Is it far to late?
Reply Thu 13 May, 2010 12:45 am
@sometime sun,
Technology may be underutilized, TV for American Idol, the internet for Demi Moore Twitter updates, and print for fashion gossip...

But, the technology is marketed somewhere, isn't it?

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