Does anyone believe in U.F.O.'s

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Reply Sat 29 May, 2010 01:24 pm
xris;170452 wrote:
Sounds like you believe in them, aliens, more than I. I cant speculate to that degree, like you, its not in my nature. Give me the proof and I might consider it, Im not saying your wrong, remember.

Well it is just a theory, and I do not claim to have proof. Look at the story of the tower of bable for instance in the old testament. God tells us that the humans speaking one language conspire to reach for the heavens, and all that they desire to do will be efficiently accomplished. So God confuses the language of all the men and scatters them across the Earth.

Now in our present time we have Obama decreasing support to NASA because of the financial crisis. Also if you watch videos on youtube about the CERN laboratory, the most interesting thing to me is that people from all over the globe that speak different languages are coming together to understand the universe.

YouTube - CERNTV's Channel

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