Age Restrictions for Sexual Relationships

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Cookie 2
Reply Sat 17 May, 2008 05:22 pm
Re: Age Restrictions for Sexual Relationships
This is not a "Family" site. Rolling Eyes and the family generally doesn't come here to read. so maybe you should try posting on one of their sites. and good luck trying to do so. hee hee. Laughing
tyciol 2
Reply Tue 8 Jul, 2008 11:53 pm
Re: Age Restrictions for Sexual Relationships
I don't like how they only focus on 'sexually inappropriate' advances. Sexual advances aren't the only type of advances which are inappropriate to advance on people you hold authority over. Religion is another one, yet they seem to be totally fine with indoctrinating their kids to believe this stuff without presenting alternate views, even demonizing them.
Cookie 2
Reply Wed 9 Jul, 2008 07:21 am
Re: Age Restrictions for Sexual Relationships
yes, well, that is so much harder to shake your finger at, because parents will always be parents, and will always (whether in or out of the family) teach the children the things they believe strongly about.

as a parent myself, i will teach my kid to be open minded and see religion as something people chose to believe and that my kid doesn't have to believe in "god" unless later chosing to. but other people, real devout people, will think that there's something wrong with me teaching her that. both sides see something wrong with teaching the other side. in TFI, we were always taught that system kids were poor in soul and in heart and that they were materialistic, and had nothing to live for, and "those unglodly parents," teaching their children junk and evolution, and to be slaves to the system. ....

as far as sexual advances, that's immediately harmful and just plain wrong any way you look at it.

religion, they can discover for themselves eventually, albeit thru some hardships, that there are alternatives to a very rigid life for god. but sex, you can't take that back.
Reply Tue 4 Nov, 2008 04:08 pm
Re: Age Restrictions for Sexual Relationships
MAX: you goobye saluet should be interpreted as follow: LOVE (you mean sexual and psichologycal manipulation) AND FORGIVENESS (you mean, that all of you people never going to paid for your atrocities)

a little of psychonalisys should help you in understanding your own statements.

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