Mo was a literal 'War Monger'

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Reply Wed 19 Oct, 2005 01:20 pm
Mo was a literal 'War Monger'
Before I get accussed of being pro-Family, when I am just pro-Christian Missionary, allow me to repost with comments PROOF that Mo was trying to inspire and start a WAR in the Philippines. My wife found this hyperlink during a google search, and it spells out in detail how Mo used sexual favours not for love but for WAR. Mo wanted a war to start in the Philippines, so it could be his haven in the Tribulation. he wanted a Christian paradise which he could control so he wouldn;t have to suffer any pain or sorrow or sacrifice during the ZEnd Time. As a whimpish fearful leader he wanted a place of comforts for his old age where he could literally run a whole country

Anyway INKY wrote some more on this, but the hyperlink my wife found is here on Moving ON.

read it carefully and notice that MO actually got the military leaders to write up Mo leters against Communism and the supposed Communist threat of the rather dumb and devoid but not communist....Cory Acquino..

She was anti-American for obvious reasons but hardly Communist at all, and yet that's what Mo labelled her and her upcoming government. So Mo was willing to sacrifice the lives of soldiers and start a literal war in the Philippines to provide a safe haven for him in the End Time. he literally wrote an FF lover of a general, that she must tell the general to SHOOT, when the confrontation came with the Marcos/Acquino election results were questioned. Mo said Shoot, he didn;t say make love, but used love for war. How diabolic and evil he was, and yet the Family still is not aware of all these truths.

This is not my oopinion, this is written in black and white and is a FACT, Mo was a war monger. Horrible Horrible.... accussation but it is true...and Maria was right there in agreement and in complicity.

I'll post the contents below....

Reply Wed 19 Oct, 2005 08:09 pm
here's that excerpt below, and do notice that MO used love to try and start a war in the Philippines. Therefore Mo was not for making love but for making war, and didn;t care how many 3rd world people died to supposed give him a shelter for the storm of the Tribulation. And not only that but MO must have instructed the musicians and writers within the Family to compose a war song to inspire the hilippine Army soldiers to hype up to kill Communists. This even though Corazon Aquino was not a Communist and they were not a RED THREAT but merely an anti-American political party that saw the obvious sins of America and their military. So Mo used supposed love musicians and love sisters to make war rather than love. Hence their guise of being lovers of the lord is totally blown out of the water. ...and yet the Family has never realized this.


The Philippines

One of the cult's most successful subversive operations is described in several letters known as "The Jumbo Series." Armed with music and inspirational tapes, very well-dressed young women from the group infiltrated military barracks and offices, presenting themselves to the secretaries and asking to speak with colonels and generals, saying: "Tell him that two pretty young girls want to talk to him about love." Not surprisingly, most of the time they were welcomed into the most closed of offices. When the official in question was known to be moral (and the girls would be careful to inquire about this beforehand), the approach was more circumspect.

In just a few months, the COG had thoroughly infiltrated the military, using their anti-Communist literature, their sexual favors, and their music to win the highest officials in the nation. Even the Philippine army's anthem, We Give Our Lives, is said to be written by COG disciples! During the entire infiltration operation, Moses David and his wife, Maria, directed the work and counseled their teams through letters and phone calls, and nothing was done without their express permission.

With the fall of the Marcos government these same officials rose to power, and with them, the Children of God. When Cardinal Jaime Sin stirred up public opinion against the cult and demanded its expulsion from the country, the military quietly came to its defense. After the cult sent its American and European members to Thailand and other countries (from which they were later expelled), the armed forces enabled it to continue "underground."

Moses David wrote a pamphlet entitled The Red Menace[12] which was distributed among all the military in the Philippines. This pamphlet was printed by the Aquino government's own military leaders and distributed, not by the Children of God, but by the soldiers themselves on orders from the military leadership. In this pamphlet, Moses David sounds a "call to arms" for the soldiers to rise up against "the Red Beast." But in secret letters to his disciples Moses David declared his true intention: to awaken the military to the "danger" of the supposedly pro-Communist government of Corazon Aquino.

Today the cult is going strong with the full protection of Corazon Aquino's military -- a protection guaranteed on the perfumed beds of its women. The layer of military protection is so great that a round-the-clock military armed guard has been provided at "Jumbo" -- the cult's mansion in Manila -- as though it were one of the official buildings of the American government. Such is the power of sex!

With the lessons learned among the Philippine military, the COG in Brazil began a literal frontal assault, seeking to win the support and sympathy of Brazil's high civil and military officials. Some of its women have flown over Brazilian skies in official aircraft, accompanied by the generals who protect them.

I ask myself what would happen if the military returned to power in Brazil. Would the Children of God's mansions there be graced with an armed guard, too? And would we, too, have the Heavenly Elite as the gurus of our government, as in the Philippines?
Reply Thu 20 Oct, 2005 09:00 am
Politically, I would say that David Berg was a fascist, he certainly admired Franco!
Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2005 08:26 am
I might differ with you, everman, as I would deem those that worship dictators and those that worship groups, equally devoid. Groups of one or two or political parties or whole nations called nationalism, all of them worsdhip man and power.

So if Mo at one point loved Franco, he also admired Lenin. Ha and probably even Stalin in Mo's later life as Mo loved to annnihilate any opposition.
So I reckon Mo is and was both a evil Capitalist, dictator loving, Communist because he also loved groupie force and intimidation.

Do you catch what I am suggesting. Mo loved power and the manipulatrion of power to intimidate, this is church politics, this is governmental politics.... whether right wing or left wing. Whether liberal church or fundamentalist church.

Mo was not for love, but used his power to get love and sex, and then used sex to get more power, and then wanted and tried to use sex to start a war. This is not an indictment against real love and real sex, it is an indictment against those that are political and want to wield power against others. Mo had a different Modus peranti but his motivation was the same as both, dictators, capitalists and Communists. I don;t think we can label Mo as anything other than a power monger, which is the opposite of a Christian..IMO
Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2005 11:37 am
That would make him a Neo-Con.
fisherman 1
Reply Fri 21 Oct, 2005 03:31 pm
Tis true and yet also an extreme liberalist, drunken pervert, and a few more labels that also matched his personal ever descending characher.

Oh how the mighty FELL and have Fallen.

Mo makes me think twice about eternal salvation...... what about those that started good and finnished so poorly.... and devoid.

That one is surely up to the Lord, the Great Judge.
Reply Sat 22 Oct, 2005 03:53 am
Karl Marx was also a libertine, a drunk and a parasite. Guess berg admired him to the point where he grew his hair and beard and lived in the same manner.

Incredible how theose CoG leaders lived so comfortably at the cost of all those poor kids they suckered were tramping the streets in all weathers, at all hours of the day and night. How many went without meals, slept rough on the streets in order to "reach their quotas", whilst the leaders had well stocked larders, and went out dancing the night away in clubs and discos looking for people to seduce and scam--in the "name of Jesus Christ"?
Reply Sat 22 Oct, 2005 11:39 am
Again shot on everman, as leaders are suppose to have MORE FAITH than followers so they can literally lead and inspire faith, and yet TF switched it around so that those that had faith were on the bottom being missionaries whereas the leaders had almost zero faith except for the money coming in to Mo and diostributed to them. They were more accountants than leaders.

Ezekiel 34, Jeremiah 23 etc. etc surely pin points the switch of these shepherds to wolves.

And yet there are some good missionary Christians within that are actually on the field and do have FAITH in the Lord, but how to replace their groupy faith with more real Faith in the Lord, that's the problem only the Lord can figure out and change.


David Fisherman
fisherman 1
Reply Sat 29 Oct, 2005 08:29 am
Pity that xFamily refuses to write up this worst of all sins by Mo, as they don;t trust Ed Priebe's first hand account nor can read and understand the words of the very exact and detailed military manipulation in the 'Jumbo Series' This even though they are in contact with Ed Priebe

They say they are working on 841 other articles.... but you would have thought they would major on the majors rather than the minors.

(SEE Documents Board concerning these details)
Reply Sat 29 Oct, 2005 11:24 am
This is a great website
fisherman wrote:
Pity that xFamily refuses to write up this worst of all sins by Mo, as they don;t trust Ed Priebe's first hand account nor can read and understand the words of the very exact and detailed military manipulation in the 'Jumbo Series' This even though they are in contact with Ed Priebe

They say they are working on 841 other articles.... but you would have thought they would major on the majors rather than the minors.

(SEE Documents Board concerning these details)

I think the editors and moderators here are doing a wonderful job. In the short time that they have had since putting up this website they have put up a large volume of material and articles, including all the TV shows and documentaries. I give them a round of applause for their efforts. They don't have to do this, they have jobs, many have lost their parents, their siblings in the group and have had to go alone, but they do this for them anyway to try and help bring awareness. I say they are doing a bang up job and Jay continues to be a jerk in his postings and unhelpful criticisms.
fisherman 1
Reply Mon 31 Oct, 2005 10:43 am
Yes they have done a good job, congrats to them.

But they can sometimes use helpful suggestions from others, especially if others have a different perspective than they, and if that perspective might have a more beneficial effect than the one they are pursuing.

So suggesting they think about the very worst crime of MO, and writing it up is hardly a point I thought you would criticixe, Achieck, but then no matter what I do you criticize it. Even when I fight TF you blame and criticize.

So do learn to be objective, as even the writers here are trying to do.

And let's think in terms of healing of exers more than in the wrath of exers. Right ? The latter hasn;t worked so maybe the former should be tried or looked at as an option.
fisherman 1
Reply Mon 31 Oct, 2005 10:46 am
In this case ALL, we would be trying to STOP or PREVENT further abuse and further WAR MONGERING. Why, because Maria was an instigater and perpetrator of that attempt in the Phillippines, and she is still in control of the F, and hence letting the F know of what she did in the past, my help them say NO, qwe won;t SHOOT and kill people in the future.

Maria has never apologized for anything, so why wouldn;t we expect her to try and start another War.

Love dictates, speaking up, and writing UP, the truth to prevent abuse and WAR.

And yet the wrathful in their wrath and nondiscernment even fight stopping wars.....
Reply Mon 31 Oct, 2005 02:10 pm
I know that The CoG/Family have seduced some pretty powerful political leaders around the world-- having this come out in the public domain is something they don't want, so what they will do is supress the truth.

I remember the footage of Faithy dancing with the ambassador of one powerful nation. No doubt they did more than just dance together!

As a Christian I believe they will burn in hell unless they repent and turn to Christ!
fisherman 1
Reply Tue 1 Nov, 2005 05:00 am
Actually Everman, when it comes to faithy, who sufferred greatly at the hands of her father, I think Sword of the Lord shall burn inhell for their persecution of Faithy and her work there in Siberia.

Faithy was at one time humble and loving and witnessing her heart out for the Lord. Then MO and leadership turned her into the worst of the worst, as proud and materialistuic and unloving as any could get. And yet after leaving the F, Faithy tried to get back with the Lord, and helping people, and the *** Sword of the Lord came and accused and accused to the *** church, and they stopped her work in feeding the poor.

I think the millstones go around their necks more than hers, and sex was not part of her sin. Wheras their sin will follow them.

For the accussers will go worldwide to search out and kill and say they are doing it in the Name of God. Religionists like the sword who worship their wrath, and others who worship wrath and hatred, irregardless of who they hurt, are much more likely to feel Hell than those that try to feed the poor in my opinion.
Reply Tue 1 Nov, 2005 11:56 am
Has Faithy denounced her father and Karen Zerby?--I think not!

Seeking to serve the Lord?--I think not!

faithy was her father's pet. She may have been screwed up by her father, which is a terrible thing, but she continues to follow TF, she continues to promote her dad as some great prophet of love!
Reply Tue 1 Nov, 2005 01:02 pm
As I hear tell from people who know her, Faithy is consumed by a disease called alcoholism, and this disease is killing her. Late stage alcoholism isn't a pretty sight. I'm not making excuses for Faithy by mentioning this sad state of affairs. It's a little difficult for me to kick a drunk who's passed out and laying in the gutter, because the way I see it, Faithy's already begun to live out judgement for her sins and those of her father.
Reply Wed 2 Nov, 2005 11:27 am
I was not aware of her alcoholism.

Just like her dad then, the family curse is being carried on.

I am truly saddened by her present state. I did meet her a number of times in the 70's.
Jack 2
Reply Wed 2 Nov, 2005 02:20 pm
The article on Faithy mentions her drinking problem in the last paragraph.
Reply Wed 2 Nov, 2005 03:34 pm
Faithy could have easily been driven back into alcholism by the demented persecution of the sword of the Lord. They communicated to the evil church leaders in the Russian Orthox Church and falsely accused faithy, to try and stop her good work in feeding the poor and clothing the poor. She being totally outside the F and having nothing to do with them, even though she still loved the Lord and was still trying to feed and clothe their minds as well. This some Christian missionaries actually do do. God Bless Faithy, !!!!! For she was trying to write her wrongs and go on with love and being concerned.

And yet she was dammed to hell by the religious persecuters called the Sword, and her dreams and hopes of starting anew and helping people were dashed by vile and wrath and those that seek vengance. Thiers is the far far GREATER SIN. Faithy was sexual, God bless her and she did have some drinks, that also is not a sin. Stealing from the poor and the hungry, and stooppping an actual work that does this is a crime against humanity, God and Faithy.

Shame on any that would blame somebody for alcholism after they have agrred in principle to demented persecution of her.

God bless those that work for the poor and the oppressed. And if this is to Christian for you...tough !!!!
fisherman 1
Reply Wed 2 Nov, 2005 03:37 pm
I wrote the above... David Jay Jordan fisherman

because there is hope for any and all....any can get healed even SGA's and even vile wrathful Exers, so back off accusing Faithy.... as she may make a comeback, and we all have to face our responsibility for what we do with out lives, and how we treated others. Faithy was working for the poor, and the Lord shall remember her for that. God bless Faithy !!!!!

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