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Reply Mon 11 May, 2009 08:32 am
Okay, since I have a mission to complete now, I'm not going to say much on the introductory post (even though, you know, it's my first post on this forum).

My mission here as of now is to collect information about a question. You can find me at Aesthetic Forum posting up a question of "Emotions from Music." I am here to collect information because of a forum I am currently helping to set up. Interesting thing, but our teacher requested the class to create a forum to see how far it goes (we are currently on the transcendentalist unit).

Of course, I will stay even after the question is answered and well discussed, considering the posts I've read on this forum. It's an interesting place to just read about metaphysics, ethics, and, oh, well, just about anything about philosophy.

If you people are interested, read more about our cause on
Transparent Eyeball

Right now everything is just setting up. Who knows, maybe communities from all around will participate and maybe it'll even last around for a few years. Very Happy
Expect to see me posting all over the forum after this forum is done setting up, which should be around....oh I dunno, few weeks, a month at least.

-Philly CheeseStake
Reply Mon 11 May, 2009 08:26 pm
@Philly CS,
Welcome Philly CheeseStake! The direct link to the forum was removed because those types of links are not allowed but we've left the link to the blog. Thanks for joining and we hope you enjoy the forums.

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