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Binyamin Tsadik
Reply Wed 24 Sep, 2008 03:39 am
SummyF wrote:
Why should Jews have the right to influence the government of another nation?

Yet, jews are and have

Herzl and Zionist asked the help of the governments to create there nation. Today 6 millions dollar are given everyday to the state of Israel. Most of these jews have dual citzenships. Even though they are citizens of both, one nation gets more allegiance israel(because of the ethnical and religious connotation israel has for american zionist jews)

I see your point of view, but with the definition you made of israel there are some problems i see

there ought to be a nation for jews, because of there ethnic/religous background

This sounds to my like aryans ought to have a nation of there own and no other group should interfere. ex. jews

If this definition was applied in nazi germany, ethnic groups were lockup to separate them from the mainstream society

If this definition is applied to gaza and the west bank, something similar can happen. Maybe not at the same magnitude

But i respect Israel's sovereignty and it ability to govern itself. that is why i belive that jews in america should not support Isreal. I support my reason because American socialization's and ideology are not the same. The same interest argument is also invalid. We are losing diplomatic relationship, and quptist have created a campaign against the us.

First of all 6 million dollars is not a lot I would have thought that more was given.

Second, there is a difference between rance and ethnicity and Nationdom. I also have no problem with a Germanic Nation and no others being permitted to vote.
I never said to get rid of the Arabs, just that they are not a part of the Nation. I have no problem with them living in the country as long as they dont try to kill us and show basic respect. A Jew in Germany should respect the Germans and the German Law because it is their country. And if Germans wanted Jews to leave, then that is perfectly okay.
The difference is saying that Jews are the vermin of the earth and should be gathered from every country in the world and murdered. That is not okay, and that is not happening in Israel.
As we speak now, the Israeli government is realeasing more terrorists and and Arab murderers from prison for no reason at all. Terrorists that soldiers risked their lives capturing so that they would not kill again. I risked my life several times in the army going into a Terrorist's house to arrest him instead of having an armoured vehicle tear down the wall.
Reply Wed 24 Sep, 2008 04:48 am
@Binyamin Tsadik,
Thread closed. This is a new member introduction forum, please keep it to that. Thank you!

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