The Knowledge of Good and Evil

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Reply Mon 19 May, 2008 04:18 pm
boagie wrote:

The garden if not read literally is..

..'can be'


interpreted as a place of oneness, the focus of Christianity tends to be on the obvious, that of the duality of nature. The original sin of eating the apple, is the letting go of that oneness. It could, though probably not by to many Christians be thought of a the begining of life, for it is not until this occurance that Adam and Eve truely become self-responsible people, indeed it is only then, that life truely begins. As result of being saved I would imagine, it would mean a return to the garden, return to that mystic knowledge of oneness, which is so common to the religions of the east. All those judgements of sin are of course not possiable in a totality, in a oneness. Kind of beyond good and evil---hmmmmmm, the anit-christ, Nietzsche!!

I understand your(?) perspective.
A return to (non-prideful, non-judgemental, non-agendized, non-egoic..) 'innocence' = 'enlightenment' = 'salvation' = 'satori' ...
Mystical fruit..

Perhaps the 'apple' can also (similarly) be seen as the acceptance of the ego, and the lies that it whispers. 'Seperation', 'judgement', etc...

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