god's temperature

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Reply Sun 7 Mar, 2010 10:53 am
@mister kitten,
hello sometime and krumple-
i tend to think existence is over-rated. everything exists, but what things are is the dilemma.

so god exists-but what is god is the question. anything we think or name exists-dragons exist, they are myths or fables etc or ideas. maybe that is all god is. or maybe god is something else that we keep trying to separate out and give a new identity. our egos separate us out and apart from each other and try to give us 'existence' when we really dont have any more than the god-being does. we give ourselves names like sometime, krumple and salima, and give some idea/things names like god and satan, so everything is a human invention. maybe that is all we are too.

anyway, why connect god to the bible like they are not able to stand on their own? god is always being re-invented just like humanity. the bible god is history just like the people who invented him...

i have to admit i would invent a different kind of god than what apparently has any chance of being real. but then it wouldnt be fit to be a god if it was something that was comprehensible by an ignorant mortal like me. i know whatever god is, he really hates me...so i guess it is ok if i am mad at him.
sometime sun
Reply Sun 7 Mar, 2010 05:00 pm
Existence may be the ideal.
Existence may be the image.
Existence may in fact not be real.

Sometimes, for brief moments i am furious with God.
For brief moments i hold an anger towards God i find hard to control.
But thank God that i never have as yet doubted God is there.
Even if just to take the blame.
It is a load God is willing to carry.
It is not one i am willing to heap upon anyone or thing else.
I try hard ot carry myself.
Even if my body and soul sometimes ache and scream for relief.
Reply Wed 17 Mar, 2010 12:54 am
@mister kitten,
mister kitten;127706 wrote:
Infinitely cold? Infinitely warm? Somewhere in between?

I am willing to bet that god is infinitely cold. Mostly because hell is taken as a place with fire and all that jazz. Also because most people like warm things.

Any thoughts? Does it matter?

somewhere I saw a thermal analysis comparing the temperatures in heaven and hell based on the descriptions in the bible. with all those suns and reflections heaven turns out to be much hotter.


PS: I found it here.

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