Islam Faith, Truth, Or Mind Control

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Reply Sat 18 Nov, 2006 12:40 am
@Electra phil,
The origins of ISLAM, dear I say it?

Did you know it was founded on a ''fight for me, and you will go to paradise'' principle. Allah, and I know this is going to shock (sorry), is the name of the idol which Muhammads tribe of arabs worshiped, there were many, it was like their 'patrant saint' if I will. Muslims used to pray towards Jerusalom, but changed that when the Jews rejected him as a prophet, and got slautered. All the beliefs in the Koran that are in reference to Chrisianity, and which the Koran points out as the proof of falsehood and that the Koran is the truth actually come from exiled 'christians'. They were moving east, exiled for preaching differently from the accepted doctrines of the Bible in the first place. One example is that the trinity is FATHER, SON AND MARY! The koran has a muddled account of genesis, certain significant characters come before others (obviously the torah would be the better account, surely).

They claim adam, noah and Jesus et al are prophets. When did these claim, or act as a prophet? They use scripture to link Koran and Muhammad to the bible and profesy, it is clearly warped jibberish. The comming of the Holy Spirit is believed to be Mohammed for one!

They claim Jesus is not the massiah, and Muhammed is 'superior'. So then explain why they also believe Jesus is going to return (second coming) and is still alive, yet muhammed is deseased. Also Jesus is going to convert to Islam when he returns, start a family and have kids, then die, lovely.

Loads more to add (such as when contradictions arise in the Koran, the rule of thumb is to cancel out the one before it!) with surahs and ayahs, but ill leave it there for now. Hope this added to the debate.

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