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Reply Tue 5 Dec, 2006 06:10 pm
Do you feel in a deep meditative state when you post here? When you speak, does "the Divine" speak through you? What is "the Divine" anyway?
Lancelot phil
Reply Sun 9 Dec, 2007 08:48 am
@Electra phil,
Hi, Electra:

One of the fabulous gifts of human maturity is the fact that one gathers useful knowledge from various sources, if one manages to keep an open mind - and I think I continue to manage that.

Walter Russell's "illumination" ir "divine immersion" was in effect remarkable but it is not at all unique. Others have done it and when one realizes that the soul voyage of Dr. Russell is not unique then, what he uttered or remembered in "The Divine Iliad", attains so much more validity inasmuch as others have said the very same thing, using the same words, the same intonations and vocabulary!!!

It seems that Walter Russell tapped into the energy pattern or thought pattern or light environment or whatever you might call it of one specific layer of the Divine onion - but that does not make his experience any less valid - because truth is truth no matter its source.

I underline my point by drawing your attention to a remarkable book by Paul Twitchell called "The Tiger's Fang". The cover says: "An unmatched spiritual journey to the astral, causal, mental and soul planes - and into the heart of God itself."

What I found so utterly remarkable is the fact that Paul Twitchell (the soul traveller) visits quite a few divine levels of consciousness and divine personages (entities?). Each of these entities considers itself (usually a powerful male) the hub of the universe - omnipotent, omniscent and omnipresent - and He/She is seemingly oblivious of the fact that there are (or seem to be) other divine entities or gods or GODS - what do we know - the divine layers of divinity. And, listen to this, they each have their own particularities and preferred language pattern.

So, in one section of this book, Paul Twitchell talks to one such divine entity and it is absolutely astonishing that IT (I purposely don't call this "God" a MALE enity) talks the precise language of Walter Russell in the "Divine Iliad" - complete with the use and interpretation of 'electricity' and 'magnetism' and ALL the special semantic and linguistic particularities that we know so well from Dr. Russell's writings.

So, all I can surmise is that Dr. Russell tapped into the identical 'divine' source that Paul Twitchell visited, with the difference that Dr. Russell thought that this was the ultimate divine experience, the one and only unique godhead and source of all-there-is, while Paul Twitchell, being guided by his wise travelling guide, went on to 'visit' other divinities each of whom had his own special message of salvation in his own special voice or 'divine doalect'.

That does not at all invalidate or diminish Dr. Russell's teachings (or his translation of the divine messages most of which did not have a semantic or scientific counterpart at that time). To the contrary - the fact that Dr. Russell is not alone in his experience of this particular and seemingly unique God (small 'g' or large 'G' - what do I know) and that makes his message all the more credible and believable and ultimately more practical.

So, the study of this small 179-page book (first printed in 1967 and still readily available) is just about obligatory reading material of one wants to be objective and really open-minded regarding Walter Russell and his teachings.

I wish I could have quoted from that book here but that would probably be beyond the scope of such a post. Go get the book and you will gain a new respect for Dr. Russell and a new comprehension of this universe!

All the best!
Reply Wed 9 Jan, 2008 01:24 am
@Lancelot phil,
While researching the availability of the book "The Tiger's Fang", I came upon two interesting pages here:

NEWLY discovered Plagiarisms from Russell
More Plagiarisms

The Making of A Spiritual Movement - Apdx 4 Plagiarism Examples
Appendix 4

I thing I will stick to reading the original versions.
Lancelot phil
Reply Wed 9 Jan, 2008 09:41 am
Well, well! It is amazing to see proof of sheer plagiarism. I had thought that here we see a parallel of illuminated thought processes and in reality it is one selfish person copying from another (selfless) person.

Many thanks for drawing Twitchell's deceptive practices to my attention! I am glad I never joined his "movement" and appreciate your research!

Reply Mon 17 Mar, 2008 10:45 pm
@Electra phil,
Greetings Electra.

>Do you feel in a deep meditative state when you post here? When you >speak, does "the Divine" speak through you? What is "the Divine" anyway?

"you" is only an illusion caused by the "waters" of consciousness flowing through your form.

"You" were born by the concentration (limitation) of the One, as the Hindus say Akasha. "You" are the Dancer (Tarot Key 21) within the egg of Limitation. You are achieving conscious union with the One. Or more precisely, the One is the one driving "you" to achieve Cosmic Consciousness. As Alchemists say, the One performs the Great Work.

The One in Kether (Tree of Life) looks at his mirror Chokmah and sees Tipheret (the Son) throught the path of The High Priestess (born of a virgin). Ama not Aima yet in Binah. The One thinks it is Man as in Tipheret (Cosmic Conscious) not Malkuth the form.

The Son creates the forms by influencing Yesod (Moon, subconscious) as his mirror according to the will of the One. Tipheret -Netzach - Hod reflects to Hod - Netzach - Yesod thus we in Malkuth see the reverse of reality. Our subconscious in Yesod must be cleaned by the Mars force Key 16 The Tower (erroneous patterns) so that the Son can finally work his vehicle (Key 7 The Chariot) and we His tools can speak the words of Abben (Father - Son).

Yes the Truth is One.

For you who can understand.

Fiat Lux

The Hermit
Frater John Alvarado

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