Walter Russell - My Opinion.

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Reply Fri 27 Jul, 2007 02:21 pm
I am sorry to say that I do not quite understand the structure of this forum, so I am not sure at all that my reply is correctly placed.

However, I just want to inform Dustin that I created a "cosmo-blog" in german, where I present Walter Russell as well as the danish cosmolog Martinus who had his initiation the same year as Russell (1921).

Menschengeist kosmoblogger

Reply Wed 15 Aug, 2007 08:39 pm
Thank you Cogito for the link. I don't know German but I'm certain there are many who do.
Cross Rose Crazy
Reply Sat 28 Aug, 2010 03:11 pm
Greetings, everone - I would like to share with you the accumulation of a lot of my research regarding the nature of matter, radical solutions to the energy problem, and the power of transmutation. TAKE HEED: what we are discussing here is the acquisition of the power of God by mankind. We must not take this lightly and must thoroughly understand what it is we are doing. Still, the mastery of such power is our destiny, I believe, and progress cannot be prevented, only slowed. I have plans to make use of my local University’s laboratory to explore some of these things but as of now my understanding is purely conceptual, and most of the work has been done by the great researchers out there. All praise goes to the Great Magnet, may her currents of Love permeate ALL.
Nassim Haramein has demonstrated a fundamental relation between log functions of frequency of spin and radius of all rotating systems from galaxy clusters to stars to the Schwarzchild proton (not the standard model proton). You can search for a diagram of his Scaling Law or you can find it on his paper The Schwarzchild Proton at
It has also been shown that the relationship to systems nested within each other corresponds to log function of golden ratio, or powers of phi. This of course relates to the work of Dan Winter. Dan has developed a system of understanding based on the idea that perfect fractality is created by implosion optimized by golden ratio, and is the source of matter, gravity, and life. He shows that the three radii of hydrogen in different states can be derived from the Planck Length (1.616x10^-35 meter) multiplied by phi (1.618) raised to the 116th, 117th, and 118th powers respectively. He also shows that the Palladium sputtering frequency, 13.56 MHz, used by John Kanzius to split water - THE KEY TO USING WATER AS THE FUEL OF THE FUTURE!! - can be derived from the inverse of planck time x phi^171. All this at
Randy Masters shows
It is interesting that this implies the existence of matter of less atomic mass than hydrogen, as predicted by probably the greatest genius of his generation if not the last 2000 years, Walter Russell, in his beautifully elegant Atomic Table of nine unfolding octaves. This also may turn out to be the “etheric matter” of the Theosophists (see book: Occult Chemistry). Although Russell does not refer specifically to golden ratio in his literature, it does seem that the rate of unfolding of the octaves is golden ratio. [media][/media]
Walter Russell claimed that he had uncovered the key to transmutation, not with heat or any esoteric alchemical ritual, but with counter-rotating magnetic fields, and an intimate understanding of the resonant frequencies of elements. According to Russell, careful study of spectral lines clearly reveals that the wave signature for all elements is contained within each element (see his books: The Universal One, and Atomic Suicide?). This new revelation from Dan Winter may present some of the key to unlocking the potential for transmutation. Russell’s vision to solve the energy problem was to transmute the atmosphere into hydrogen for use as a clean efficient source of fuel.
Many out there are still very much in love with the idea of “Free Energy”. This sort of technology is in no way free! What these “zero point” or “scalar wave” devices are doing essentially is creating voltage from gravity. Used in excess, they will compromise the stability of the Gaia Matrix, Earth’s gravity field, and could cause major cataclysms, even the sinking of an entire continent into the ocean. (Sound familiar?)
Please let me know what you all think. Good luck and Peace to everybody,
Reply Sun 1 May, 2011 12:24 am
Cross Rose Crazy, absolutely wonderful work you're doing.

Do you think it's still not too late to save ourselves from the impending atomic suicide after all the nuclear spills?

Maybe transmutation can save us.
Reply Sun 18 Mar, 2018 12:47 am
@ELA phil,
Walter Russell explains Reincarnation in his Home Study Course Unit 8:

"Reincarnation does not mean the rebirth of the same body--it means the
assembling of the same states of motion which constitute the pattern of that
page 534

[Speaking from experiences]
How can you experience and realise for yourself that you are really consciousness/mind with no fixed definitions?

Consciousness is omnipresent.
Bodies are electric records of mind thinking.
Similarly, in a virtual reality 3D computer game, the player can select or design an avatar to play again or changed. The 3D game is a construct or plan-net; the players are netted until they exit the construct.
The game construct is designed/planned by mind, in mind.

To experience different states of being, one needs to meditate, depolarise (as much as possible).
Relax, temporarily surrender desires and any concerns to experience the stillness of mind/self.
In this state you can phase/astral explore/have out of body experiences (all metaphors). If you are lucid enough, you can direct the mindscape (environment) and manifest your will; 'thinks' into 'things.'
You can experience different body vehicles, different reality paradigms or dissolve the illusion to experience no boundary conditions, just self.

In the stillness, I realised
I am.
I am life.
With my thoughts I make the world.
All are in me.
I am all ONE and alONE.

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