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Reply Fri 5 Jan, 2007 05:44 am

Reply Mon 8 Jan, 2007 03:53 pm
@Electra phil,
Electra, I want to say thanks (and hello again) for posting the above link. That is the first time I've ever read Walter Russell, I have to say I agree with him (that's probably a good reason for me to like it:) ).

I used to believe in a kind of superficial rationalism that I took to be superior to art. But now that I am a little older I see that everything we do as people requires some art. Speaking and writing are two examples that come to mind. (Practically nobody today thinks that speaking could really be an artform, right? except for standup comedians, or movie script writers, the art of rhetoric seems dead for now.)

But also the production of technology I have found is merely the application of constructed prinicples to fit our human needs. That is I think that mankind's technology is similiar to the birds who construct a nest in the trees. I mean we are after all a kind of animal living in the natural world, right? (Do wild animals posess souls??). We die at least like animals do die.

That Russell passage brings me back to nature and the natural things, something that is rare today? Maybe not so much for girls...I don't know. --What I mean is that birds are natural artists...or both birds and girls are artists...?

By the way I love the shadows that you make with your hands, your arms, your hair! YourbodY! (Electra is Beautiful - vou se tre belle --so, what is your shadow doing Friday night, eh?) That makes me want to live my life outside when I see it - out of doors where I can make some shadows and quietly observe their slow passing. I really want to be a sundial, real bad (like, in Egypt riding the solstice at noon).

There's no reason for you to respond here. I was just inspired to practise the art of writing here. Thank you Electra.

your so much smarter than certain others on this board... Seriously, I have seen you write, I have seen your potential. (And unfortuantely for me I have seen theirs too. Has brutishness replaced beauty?) Anyway just ignore my stupid post here it's not going well, I don't feel the spirits. The Gods have abandoned me...for now.

just wanted to keep you up with me. I fell in love with a televangelist who can speak 14 different languages (she used to be an adult film star; - keep that one on the D.Low)

stay cool
Electra phil
Reply Mon 8 Jan, 2007 04:30 pm
Thanks P~ I sent you a PM.

Sending love to you.


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