hi im a Christian liberal communist

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Reply Mon 28 Jul, 2008 03:22 am
one-philosophy wrote:
cool, another athiest who turned relgious. I don't see that a lot to be honest (then again, I turned religious even though I was an athiest child)
Karl marx was an athiest himself. He was a great fan of darwin and devoted his book Das Kapitas (the capital) to darwin. I like some of Marxs values, but some don't work, for example, extinguishing religion. Chuh? I thought religion was supposed to start wars? (I obviously dont believe that religion does start wars). I think when it comes to poliical thought, I quite like the practise of early christians. They were like communists, but they based a community on friendship and love. Maybe they were socialists. I think there are good and bad parts to communism and capitalism. I think that economies should be based somewhere in the middle of the two theories.

I completely agree. I love Marx in spite of his strong platform against religion. His book 'On religion' was a bit too strong against religion. Marx may have hated religion but really he should have saw Christianity as an ally for they shared the same goal. I wrote on how I believe Christians should be communist. Christianity is the religion of altruism while communism is the government of altruism. If Marx wasn't so passionate about religion being evil and opiate of the masses then maybe more Christians would be communist. That is one of the few parts of Marxism I don't agree with. There are quite a few communist verses in the bible though.

I think the middle ground between capitalism and communism is socialism but I don't think you were looking for that. I think you would really like pragmatism. They consider themselves the middle ground.
Reply Mon 28 Jul, 2008 12:30 pm
yeh, I wouldn't mind living like an early christian, so long as I didn't get nailed to a cross by the romans I mean sheesh thats gotta hurt, good thing about philosophy is you can work with principles and then apply them to political thought.

PS: doesn't jesus in the bible say that we're all Gods children? Sound very comunist, thats all

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