The Existance of .. Nothing

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Wingman phil
Reply Mon 27 Oct, 2008 07:17 pm
Paradox1 wrote:
Guys, this is one thing I've been thinking of for quite a while. Is there such thing as "Nothing"?

By nothing I don't mean "My coffee! It's gone! There's nothing left!", I mean .. Is there, somewhere, a place or location or whatever that is completely devoid of EVERYTHING, including the "building blocks" of life?

Give your ideas people.

Very Happy

I believe, It all really depends on your definition of nothing. Some define nothing as in the air. Some define it as Outer space. Som might define it as what you have said yourself as nothing left. I think that no there is no true "nothing" because when there is nothing you wont be able to grasp the concept that it is not there. So, No there is no true nothing because nothing does not exist.
Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2008 01:50 am
If there is nothing I don't think we would able to see it or comprehend it.
Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2008 07:07 am
awoelt wrote:
If there is nothing I don't think we would able to see it or comprehend it.

If all that nothing were ether, how do you think you would go about proving it??? Look at it this way... Something allows for force at a distance.... Something seems to govern the behavior of matter traveling through space, and as matter condenses, grows more dense, it does not just make heavier atoms out of light atoms, but must reduce/expel the space/ether from between the atoms... To me, if it is possible to exclude everything from a space as in a light bulb that what remains is not possibly nothing, but a certain kind of nothing, neutrinos, ether, noncharged unenergized matter, and there seems to be some evidence of this with light as an absolute speed, and the fact that moving objects have greater mass... And the difference between condensed matter, and uncondensed matter, what we think of as things, and free atoms, gas, or plasma, is speed... To give up this energy, this speed is to give up space, but not just an empty measure, but a measure of energy...If space were nothing it is safe to say that the energy required to maximize speed would not add mass, nor would there be an absolute of speed, but the more an object reaches the speed of light the more it resembles light, expanded, as it were, full of space moving along with it and also dispersing energy... So just as with an object moving through air meets with little resistance, and yet with only a slight increase of speed finds the air like an object itself, and with a slight increase again would find atoms stripped off as heat and plama until it is evaporated... The same is true for matter moving through space, that it meets with resistance, but the resistence is not like air that is matter and must go around the object with heat and friciton, but, because space is neutral, it moves through the matter when the matter is at rest, or at low speed, but at high speed, actually thermal velocities, the nuetral space would be like neutron in a fission reaction eventually breaking down any atom into hydrogen, and eventually light... before that happens matter would lose enough energy and drop below thermal velocities and begin to condense.

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