Adam's rib (why on earth?)

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Reply Sun 27 Dec, 2009 08:49 am
@dan b,
dan b;114509 wrote:
Hello philosophers,

Why is Eve taken from Adam's rib? Adam and Eve were not the first people who God created, they were the first to begin using word language in a major way. That is why they can be traced to about 4000BC in Mesopotamia. Modern historical and archeoogical evidence traces the earliest civilizations to them.

In the begining god created the Heaven and the earth. Then he continued creating everything in this entire world over the next six days. And on the seventh day God rested.Gen.2;2

Then, just three verses later in Gen.2;5 it tells us that "there was not a man to till the ground." Although there had been humans since the days when God created them, but up to this point of time none of them had started farming Civilizationally. They were all still cave men!

So Genesis names Adam and Eve as the ones who began Mesopotamian Civilization about 4000BC. Thats why in Gen 4 their decendants are said to invent everything.

So, from the above point of view, I would venture to say, that possible the statement "and he took one of his ribs" brings attention to the place of the breast=chest=breathing=speaking. Because if Adam's "breath of life" from God in Gen.2;7 is the ability to use words, then thats why Eve came from Adam. Immediatly after Adam got the breath of life(ability to use gramatical language) he was brought the animals to "name." So the bible shows us that in Adam's time words were yet unused. So he named the animala.Gen.2;20 So Eve isn't second class or lower than Adam. Even Adam had just been"formed out of the dust of the ground." It's the breath of life that counts here, and so the rib for Eve. Then they were the first who's minds began to whirl with the utility for though offered by gramatical language. So began Civilization. Thanks Eve. dan b

Intresting post. I personally don't like these more modern ways of applying/interpret facts to the Bible-stories. But that might be because I just don't like it when the Bible makes sense:sarcastic::shifty:. Anyway, isn't there a interpretation that's almost like yours, but in that one Adam and Eve eating the apple made the farmers. Then became as powerful as God, since they then could grow their own food. The apple of knowledge=learning how to cultivate the earth.
dan b
Reply Sun 27 Dec, 2009 06:10 pm
The "breath of life" that god breathed into Adam was only done because god noticed that "there was not a man to till the ground." Gen.2;5 So God "formed" a man of the dust of the ground and breathed into him "the breath of life."
Then God planted a garden himself, and put the one man Adam into it, and gave him instructions not to eat of the tree of knowledge. Eve wasn't even "made" yet.

Oh yea, Immediatly after god gave Adam the "breath of life" he brought the animals to Adam to name. They hadn't names yet. So thats why it looks like the breath of life is language. At this time Cave men began to become civilized in Mesopotamia.

But when they ate the apple, they had already been living in the garden, dressing and keeping it for a while. Gen.3;6

The importance of why Eve was created from a rib(lungs) is the same as to how Adam got from God's own mouth, the breath of life. It's this beginning of language that John 1;1 mentions as "In the beginning was the word." Was not the word the beginning of gramatical language which gives us the ability to think much clearer and deeper thoughts. And thats how civilization developed so quickly there, language power. The whole bible is full of allusions to this. dan b

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