Mind on the Mind

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Reply Sat 26 Dec, 2009 04:15 pm
Fido;114402 wrote:
Every perception of self interest is different...Every experience of culture, which is knowledge is different...And our forms tend to entrench us in our beliefs... They exist to resist change, and inevitably end resisting truth...

Perhaps you are right, but you yourself are subject to the factor I mention, and so am I. We all speak of truth as if it were one. And yet most of us cannot agree. When a belief is good for us, it's a "truth." When it becomes a burden, we can call it a "lie."

Does the individual depend on his tribe ? Yes. Does the tribe depend on the individual? Yes. Both of those yesses have their limits. Politics is a storm of disagreements and clashing priorities.

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William;114391 wrote:
Due to that it is difficult for many to understand the context of what you are saying here, myself included, and it is difficult to attach real meaning to it. What is mind is real, many just have a hard time defining it in such a way that most will agree with.

I'm talking about the mind's concept of itself. Our concept of the mind ties in to our concepts of reality and value. The mind has a story (or myth) of itself. But this image of the mind is not the mind, but only a creation of this same mind in intends to picture.

Freud made us aware that our consciousness was but a small part of our psyche. All this is a system of metaphor. He offered us a more complex portrait of the portrait artist.

It's not important for practical life, but matters in certain discussions.
Reply Tue 16 Feb, 2010 12:19 am
Repressed. Erased. Forgotten.

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