God, Eternity, and Existence

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Neil D
Reply Thu 20 May, 2010 08:45 pm
Subjectivity9;166432 wrote:

I don't think that time by definition can even exist without motion, (Can it?), or at least the concept of motion (AKA change).

Warm Regards,

Greetings S9,

Thank you for the lengthy posts. I will study them as time allows.

With all physics aside. I dont believe time is dependent on change/motion in order for it to exist. As a matter of fact. I believe it is impossible for time not to exist. I cannot conceive of the non-existence of time, any more than I can the non-existence of space.

I think everything is dependent on space and time, but space and time are dependent on nothing. I think time can exist with no change, but not the other way around. It seems obvious that if time didnt exist before the inflation of the universe, then it never would have happened.

In its truest sense, I consider time to be a passing of moments. Flowing like a river through eternity. We perceive these intervals in a way that is meaningful to us. But I suppose they could be divided infinitely small or large. Perhaps in a fractilian way that is transparent to our senses.
Reply Mon 21 Feb, 2011 04:44 pm
@Neil D,
Neil D wrote:

If God does exist, then i would see it as being either good and evil, or neither.

Isn't that an each way bet with something on the side? I subscribe to Gnostic ideals when it comes to God. That when creation occurred it drove him mad in the process and hence the world is as it is. An imperfect idea created by an imperfect being.

Or with creation spirit was split into matter which occasioned duality which then led to good and evil and the rest of the mess we inhabit.

Either way it would be hard to see a God, and remember if he does exist, then we are all part of him. As being as stupid and vicious as the one who allegedly rules this universe. I mean who did he get to write the script Woody Allen.

But seriously I find the whole notion of an ego based immortality to be quite absurd. There is only so much that the human mind/brain can know and its our presumptuousness which generates fools who state they know God's master plan for humanity. I mean really, what he had a sparrow whisper it in your ear did he.

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