Is there a reason for the existence of the universe?

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Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 07:10 am
TuringEquivalent;148383 wrote:
Is there a reason for the existence of the universe? Suppose, there is a reason. There are two possibilities. Either the reason is within the universe, or the reason is outside the universe. The latter possibility is not possible since there is no "outside" to everything. So, we are left with only one possibility, namely, the reason for the universe is within the universe. Here, we have two possibility also. The reason could be 1. the reason is a part of the universe, or 2 the reason is the whole universe itself. Both possibility is sort stupid on reflection. It both case, it means that there is some object with the essence to exist. This is to suppose existence is a predicate. In either case, it rest on the notion that some entities has the property of existence. This is questionable. One solution is to say god has this property of self-existence, which than bring the universe into being. Atheist would question why the universe don` t have this property. If
there are any object with self-existing properties, then i assert that they must be mathematical objects. Such object bring about the world. I doubt this also, since math objects don` t have any spatio-temporal, or causal effects.

the universe is not infinite (see cosmology) so there has to be something outside or inside Wink (11 dimensions according to mathematics)

A better question is can something be created (big bang) and yet not exist before the bang?

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