God's Mind

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Reply Thu 4 Dec, 2008 11:49 am
We hypothesise a LIGHT YEAR ONE: in cosmology such a year did occur, but what we are doing is stagnating it, calling it the 'would be comes to be'{the, at rest}, we therein attempt to discover its properties: straight light rays in all directions within the circle. The indivisible point to its centre looks out upon its own expression. This indivisible point has consciousness. If we then eliminate LIGHT YEAR ONE for a moment, and consider what must follow, then we are left with the LIGHT YEAR TWO, and everything that follows, we do not hypothesise the stagnation of what follows: the rays of light continue on their outward journey, the circle expands with them, they are would be coming to be{ the, in motion}. Consciousness is now no longer purely belonging to the indivisible point, but is being carried forward on the cusp of the circle, however this consciousness is nominal as opposed to real, it cannot see its own expression, and because things are in motion {would be coming to be}, and not at rest{ would be comes to be}, it sees the straight rays of light but not the circle, it sees the straight as opposed to the circle, whereas the indivisible point sees the circle as opposed to the straight. The both { straight line and circle} exist but its just a question of which predominates in the consciousness. I could go on, but I'll say this, that LIGHT YEAR MANY is everything that must follow after LIGHT YEAR ONE is completed. Then by induction we can discover the consciousness of the indivisible point, because both, LIGHT YEAR ONE, and LIGHT YEAR MANY, are outward expressions of its own real consciousness, and therefore must be contained within itself...hope that helps..the indivisible point is imputed to be the MIND OF GOD...

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