Is The Big Bang A Cosmic Blunder?

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Peter phil
Reply Sat 1 Sep, 2007 11:52 am
Thanks for your words of wisdom on this subject, Gridlok. (I have just picked up this thread after a period of dormancy.)

The universe, the whole of existence, is by definition all that exists, so to speculate about causal factors operating outside of it cannot escape being a contradiction. We need to be prepared to lay our philosophical egos aside and admit that the only honest answer we can give to certain questions is, "I don't know." Our minds are not infinite. The human brain evolved as a problem-solving tool adapted to tackling the problems of providing us with food, shelter, allowing us to care for our young, etc. We should have enough humility to concede that there may be some questions which are beyond our capacity to consider.

Reply Wed 5 Sep, 2007 01:12 pm
@Article bot,
if the black-hole conversion mechanism exists and disperses energy-matter then there very well could be a 'white-hole' conversion mechanism which coheres energy-matter and its probable that our universes big-bang creation was this 'white-hole' emergence
an explosion is what would be the explanation of the release of all this energy
the absolute cold from the great void meets the absolute heat of the big bang and you know the rest
for some reason alot of energy was converted to mass so try to theorize something like this occuring
it would manifest as an explosion of some sort
thats just how great releases of energy manifest
because the same natural laws were around back then that are around now
its not as if god made all this mass "magically" appear and broke his own rules briefly just to create this
who knows.. maybe it did
but that would mean:
gods logic :
"there are no humans around yet.. hmm.. that means that if I break the same rules I lay out for the humans they would never know.. wow imagine how thats gonna mess with their heads! "
*poof* mass disperses
"now... just to insure my plan.."
*poof* creates republicans

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