Natural law and ethics

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Reply Mon 24 May, 2010 12:23 pm
Fido;168105 wrote:
Morals are learned without being taught...And you must know this since philosophy has been trying to teach ethics for iver two thousand years... They can teach about morality, but not make people moral, which is the key to the problem... Moral reality is not like physical reaity having physical concepts; but instead, morals are infinites represented by infinite forms...One cannot make them more definite by talking around them, or providing examples...There is no true, in the sense of truth, abstraction of morals; and yet people are moral, though no one can be taught morality by example...

So; no, morality cannot be taught, but it can be learned before people are logical because there is no logic to morals which is an essential part of teaching anything; the logic of it: what happens, and why what happens when it happens, the relationships between cause and effect, and etc..People who have that moral feeling are moral, and for those without it, no number of books read or written can make them moral...Love is the basis of morality, but where people were most moral they were surrounded by enemies... There was no where to go, and self serving individualism was seen as vice... It was the naturalness of the relationship that made the argument for morality...

If you love some one, and it is natural to love ones own people, then you would sacrifice and die for them... And people are still that way...So the question is not so much of how to make people moral as how to expand morality to cover a whole nation that is not at all natural.. Behind every act of immorality is the objectification of the other... When people, because of differences- can be made to seem as things rather than beings, their exploitation is half justified...
You are contradicting yourself, I never said you could be taught morality from a book but by your relationships, in your informative years. A child left alone without contact with his parents unloved and abused will not express the empathy for others. Morality comes through empathy, if you dont love yourself, thinking of others and your relationship to them will never develop.

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