Boxing is the utimate tragic art form

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Reply Tue 8 Jun, 2010 11:32 am
my 1st response is to Josh0335
your right just because violence has been an integral part of our society doesnt mean it still shoud be
and if we coud rip it out of our psyches then maybe we shoud but so far we have only been able to repress it

violence is base and primordial but so is sex
can we pick and choose which animal instincts to crush and which to indulge?

but i want you all to read my previous post, forget about Boxing vs MMA, its an interesting topic but not here, read my post and if you agree that we shoud pioneer a code of practice so that members of society can embrace physical violence without emotional violence then we need to start sketching out rules and planning how to get more people involved
Ding an Sich
Reply Tue 8 Jun, 2010 01:15 pm
HexHammer;174685 wrote:
Hmmm? ..yes?

MMA has much more moves and techniques, so yes, no wonder, but that doesn't really relate much to topic at hand.

I know it doesnt. I was just spouting off useless information.
Reply Tue 8 Jun, 2010 01:20 pm
I am for the most part a pacifist. I think self defense should only go as far as to not actually kill a person who is trying to harm you. There is always another way to solve a problem than to kill a person. But that is just my opinion. I don't slight anyone for having a different outlook than that. I just personally think that if my life were threatened I would take all steps to avoid actually killing my attacker. I am also anti-war since it does nothing but murder someone for having an opposing life style.

With all that said, I actually enjoy mixed martial arts. Some say it is incredibly violent and should be banned. But according to my philosophy their actions are not violent at all because rarely is there any animosity or motivation to kill their opponent. Sure some fighters might not respect each other, but they are not trying to murder their opponent. The fighters are there by their own volition. Sure they might have motivations for fighting but they still have a choice to be there and suffer the consequences. But think about it, there are hundreds of dangerous jobs in the world. One's with incredibly high risk factors yet people don't protest these jobs or try to get them banned. Boxing and mixed martial arts are not violence. Those who make those claims are unfounded and spreading false information.

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