Racist sex?

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Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 11:09 am
@Bill Maxwell,
Bill Maxwell;159980 wrote:
Ok, that's fair enough. However, beauty isn't objective. It's nothing more than opinion no matter how this opinion is found. Some people ill find one person beautiful but others will disagree. Some people like some traits of personality and others will disagree. There's dispute over any factor in any person ever that is claimed to be beauty. Therefore, when we speak of beauty we are speaking only of our opinions and not of objective truth.

Isn't beauty objective??? No... Beauty is a moral form, and because it cannot be produced as an object, as a thing... Yet, beauty has cultural aspects, one being race... The Near and the Far as anthropology gets into this some, since the more distant a people the more one was inclined to view them as animals... That is the Myth of how the frog got on the moon's back...And the more distant was the wife the more likely that, isolated from support, and lonely, that she would become a clinging woman to her husband....

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salima;159975 wrote:
i might see beauty in anyone or any combination, but now i am speaking only of superficial beauty, the kind that doesnt even matter-but inner beauty is another thing, that shines through even an old hag. but there is another kind of beauty too, for instance i might actually think someone is ugly (and i have) and then fall in love with him (and i did) and then he became beautiful to me, absolutely transformed. that probably isnt actually beauty...it must be the love itself putting a veil over the eyes or something...

that fellow who sings the lead with the bullet boys, he was pretty cute for a white guy...

I think it is nearly impossible for even an old intelligent woman to look bad... There is something of life, an animation of features, a measure of self control, I don't know what that shines through her wrinkles... It is almost impossible for an unintelligent young woman to look even pretty... First of all they are not together... Even when they are thin they are not fit, and lured from the responsibility of education by the attention of boys who only want to use them, they must always worry for their looks and become the prisoners of their mirrors...

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