What's my personal philosophy

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Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 05:45 pm
I thought I would answer one of those obviously biased tests before developing a dialog to give us a place to start, though I would not say you are wrong in saying that I like my information quantifiable.
sometime sun
Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 05:48 pm
@sometime sun,
etherguant how would you prefer to be described enquired solved, in numbers or in poetry?
Is philosophy statistical?

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Got any more tests?
Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 05:54 pm
@sometime sun,
I'm a player of Dungeons and Dragons and in that world (whether or not this is true of real life) good and evil are very real physical, measurable forces. And I do have several decent thread straters planned :shifty:
mister kitten
Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 05:54 pm
You Scored as Existentialism
80% Existentialism
65% Hedonism
60% Justice (Fairness)
45% Strong Egoism
40% Nihilism
35% Kantianism
25% Utilitarianism
10% Apathy
5% Divine Command

No stoicism on the quiz.

Reply Sat 17 Apr, 2010 06:08 pm
etherguant;153267 wrote:
I want to know what philosophy best fits me, ask me any question to determine this.

I got this from a test but was hoping for a more detailed answer.
Hedonism 95%
Strong Egoism 80%
Existentialism 55%
Justice (Fairness) 50%
Kantianism 45%
Divine Command 30%
Nihilism 25%
Apathy 15%
Utilitarianism 15%
Eeeeeehhhh ..surely depends on how naive and group think one is. If one are the follower or leader. I'v been here for a while, and havn't seen any really produce anything constructive with all their philosophy.
Wisdom Seeker
Reply Sun 18 Apr, 2010 05:14 am
@sometime sun,
sometime sun;153280 wrote:

Is it your good you are more concerned with or the good of the world?
Are the two mutual or exclusive?

i prefer the greatest good of all
but i do not know whether the "greatest good of all" is mutual or exclusive to "my own greatest good"

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