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sometime sun
Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2010 06:51 pm
GoshisDead;136149 wrote:
I couldn't find the supposed artists group so I'm posting here. This started as a project to get the feel of using sandpaper as part of the painting process. and ended as something that really upset me when I looked at it. And that is the reason for the circle made with my dremel tool, I suppose to impose a little order. But all in all its 12 layers of acrylic with sandings between all of them with a final sanding with the dremel over top.

Go to community at the top of the page, into social groups, Art, Food and Bulbs.
This is spectacular.
It looks like there was a face there that has been eroded, the parting of the hair age and innocence and what we are left with when we have been eroded aged and beaten is our halos all capturing differnet patterns and aspects and auras.
We need never die if our art and colour survives us.
This is amazing, i would say congratulations but you are the one who owns this prize.
Reply Thu 4 Mar, 2010 07:22 pm
Thank you! Why did it upset you? I've been headed to something similar with the use of plaster. If you go to Community on the blue bar, then pick social groups, then over toward the right you'll see a bunch of groups. Art Food and Bulbs is the one. Please join and share!

Yea! What Sometime said!

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