Favorite Writers Excluding Philosophers

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sometime sun
Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2009 01:34 pm
I really dont read enough by all your examples although i am reading M.Shelley recently,
But what i enjoy that is as much philosophy as it is not, is a good story.
Fairy tales all the classics but especially modern ones especially in Graphic Novel format,
the Books of Magic, Peter Gross John Ney Rieber and the many artists.
The Sandman chronicles by Neil Gaiman and others also the authour of the recent Stardust motion picture (which i have still yet to see but the book 'Graphic Novel' was brill)
Not so much the fairy,
anything by Alan Moore, V for Vendeta, Watchmen ect.
There is a book called Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon i think you would wet yourselves over, disapointing ending though in contrast to the bulk and mass of this story. (dont want to ruin it, but god gets whats coming to him.)
And just started the Invisibles by Grant Morrison, phychodelic anarchism.
(if you like 'The Road' you would get a kick out of a recent discovery called Sweet Tooth it is however another comic book.)

I am currently still trying to get all 13 books of the Indian stories of F. W. Bain who was so good at the stories he told he had them all believing that they were translated from unique ancient manuscripts he had uncovered, but were the imaginings of a very clever man.

Oh and Mrs Dalloway:)

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