Bill Wiese 23 minutes in Hell

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Alan McDougall
Reply Mon 29 Jun, 2009 12:05 am
Smiley451;73277 wrote:
I think I would if some event(s) were to happen to me, leading me to that conclusion. I can't exactly just tell myself to believe in some kind of God and then follow that belief with true passion.
As for a God of unconditional love and grace; I'm still struggling with that. I haven't witnessed anything horrible in my life, but I realize that so many people have witnessed many things in their lives that they see as horrible. Maybe God doesn't think those things are so bad, but these people do. Maybe God just lets those things happen to these people, regardless of how horrible those things are. Maybe things just happen without any sort of coordination, and we see them as bad.

Religion is very confusing to me, and I always love advice and input on it, so please, share your knowledge. You seem like quite a smart person.

My advise is LOSE religion and embrace god. My near death event made me realise that GOD really looks on our silly religious fundamentalism with some humour

You do not have to believe in God I know believes in you and you know what he loves you unconditionally.

Dont reject Jesus reject those who have messed up his truth. I dont go to church i feel that is not really necessary. I do know there is an afterlife

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