Hello Everybody,

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Reply Mon 17 May, 2010 12:59 pm
I stumbled onto this side because, after being dissapointed by the way discussions are being held in other forums (unfriendly, trolls, dogmatic), Ihope to find a more relaxed and serious atmosphere here....

I am interested in philosophy, taoism/buddism and literature, without belonging to a certain "belief" or philosophical school, I am much more an amateur, than an academic.

At the moment I am reading:
Calvino: The Baron In The Trees

Thoreau: Walden

Tao Te ching (Tao Te King) by Laozi

I am 36 and live in New York City
Best, :bigsmile:
mister kitten
Reply Mon 17 May, 2010 02:29 pm
If you're walkingaround so much, I hope you stay a little while here. Sharing thoughts and philosophizing with our crew. We welcome you.
Reply Tue 18 May, 2010 09:10 am
While there are untoward discussions here, they are not as frequent as in other forums. Once the pests are ignored, the majority of members of the community are really quite friendly and more than willing to engage in intelligent discussions of all sorts of ideas and positions.
Welcome to Philforum!
Reply Tue 18 May, 2010 03:05 pm
You will find all the things that you find in forums, one person's troll is another's evangelist. But for the most part this is a chill place with people, who although often disagreeable, are almost never flat out trolls.

Cheers and welcome,
sometime sun
Reply Tue 18 May, 2010 04:42 pm
Great to greet you and hope we don't let you down.
You are worth much effort as long as you put some in yourself.
Welcome and don't forget to tie your shoelaces, it is going to be a ride.
What author has irrevocably changed your life?
Welcome please stay as long as you need.
Reply Tue 18 May, 2010 06:37 pm
@sometime sun,
sometime sun;165885 wrote:

What author has irrevocably changed your life?

thanks all you !

Melvilles "Moby DIck" has changed my life. Sounds boring to you us-citizens? Well, i read a very modern transation (german), much easier than the original. Moby Dick is just this brilliant mixture of pseudophilosophy, action, science, and much more.

I was also quite gripped by the Mu Mon KWan, Zen-Buddhism, again a german translation. (The gateless Gate)

At least, the Taotechhing by Lao Tsu

You see, I am much more a Buddhist than a western philosopher:bigsmile:

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