Connecting the dots in Japan

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Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 02:45 am
TO: Porceleindoll / Erinn and Monger

FROM: Paula Ortiz, Acting Director of IEC International School

I am taking this opportunity to present my position regarding your malicious and offensive allegations as they appear in the site and in your email. Engaging yourself in the affairs of the FI exposure is your own prerogative. But as you are now also damaging my reputation, and that of my business I must therefore let you know that I do not take this lightly. Slanderous accusation over the net behind anonymity or using pseudonymous is considered offensive and may even warrant legal action if such behavior inflicts either emotional or economical damage.

I am, for the record the Director of the IEC International School. We are running a legitimate business in accordance to all legal obligations. Our goals and objectives are clearly stated in I therefore insist to know who I am dealing with, what is your position in the, what are the purposes of your organization and finally is the a legal entity. I was surprised by the fact that no one representing the contacted us with intent of acquiring information. Yours and that of unprofessional approach leaves much to be desired.

Since you have not stated your full name I am left to guessing your identity. But I do have an idea and if I am correct I find it almost ironical that you are involved in this “exposureâ€
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 05:48 am
Anonymous wrote:
I am taking this opportunity to present my position regarding your malicious and offensive allegations as they appear in the site.

Dear Ms. Ortiz,

In the words of Shakespeare: "Methinks thou dost protest too much."

What were these malicious and offensive allegations? How is posting a link to your Website malicious? Could you be more specific, please? is not--and has never purported to be--an organization of any sort. If you would like a name for the purpose of legal action, you may have mine. It has always been accessible on this Website and I am amused that you have not discovered it yet.

I have nothing to hide, so any legal action (should you ever have the necessary legal basis for it) may be directed at me.

Until then, please be aware that was set up as a source of factual information about all things concerning the group now known as the Family International. Since you admit that your entity was involved with TFI at one point, I see no reason why stating as much on could be taken as offensive.

As stated on the homepage, you may contact the editors at any time to request that inaccurate information be removed or corrected. I appreciate you having taken the time to do so.

You may find us to be quite reasonable and that the use of hyberbole in your request is entirely superfluous.

Thank you.

--Stephan Schmidt
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 06:06 am
A bit taken back!
Here is my email to Paula in which I wanted to warn her that her site and school are being connected to the FI and why she may want to consider changing the name or something, but mostly to just be aware of what is going on. I'm not quite sure what she is talking about as malicious, perhaps someone understands.

I am not ashamed about my past, I went from JJT to teen shepherd, CC to Jetts, I've been witnessing, cooking, I've been a secretary. I have nothing to hide about my past. I always liked Paula and her family and have nothing against them, and I want to warn exmembers that there is possibility of connecting them to their past because I know from first-hand experience how devastating that exposure can be to the life you've tried so hard to rebuild.

A person in Japan who is actually NOT connected to the FI but for some reason chose Family International as their organization's name, is now being trailed by the media. I told them repeatedly I did not believe this person was the Family, my concern is purely that people who are not involved with the Family do not accidentally get exposed or connected to it. That is why I wrote Paula initially.

Here is my email:

Hi Paula,

Concerning your kindergarten, I’ve heard that it is no longer associated or has anything to do with the Family International. The only thing about that statement is that many people know that it was originated by Mr. N in cooperation with the FI, even if he is no longer involved in it at any level. To say that you are not connected to the FI would be hard to disprove, due to the before mentioned fact and also that there are many people who can identify both you and your Mom as being part of the FI at some point of time. There are also other FI sites that have a link to your site on it.

Firstly I’m not out to make your life difficult, or to even have anything to do with ‘exposing’ you, and if you and your family have left the group, all the better for you. But like many of us who have left, our past is now threatening our present and it’s just good to be prepared or at least realize that the media situation in Japan is heating up and several magazines/newspapers as well as a few TV stations are once again taking up the task of writing about the FI, many of their articles being based on the ex-SGA generation who are speaking out.

I don’t know what you can do to further disassociate yourself from your past, this is the same thing I and my husband are facing, exposure, but I thought it would be good to at least let you know what is happening. As far as the is concerned, my only advice would be to not try and cover your past or deny involvement. This seems to stir up other exmembers and generate more questions in their minds as to your integrity. How you choose to handle it and anything else in these regards is of course totally up to you.

Another thing is I’m sure you and your family or those involved have researched the Japanese laws on operating a Hoikuen/Preschool in Japan. I researched this a year ago and found that the requirements had changed from the loose ones they were a few years ago, and standards had been raised. You may want to research the present laws in order to make sure you have yourselves legally covered.

As I said, if you and yoru family have broken with the group, that’s great for you all, and I wish you all the luck in the world, and want you to be aware of what is happening, and you may consider changing the school name from its orginal, but then again, I can’t say what you should do, it’s just an idea. I started a yahoo group for news and updates concerning media happenings in Japan, if you’d like to subscribe, you can. You have an option to hide your email from the rest of the group for your privacy sake.



If someone feels that I was malicious and aggressive, please let me know, I will readily apologise to Paula for the offense.
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 07:46 am
Porceleindoll, what places you in a position that you feel you must inform us x members of what we should be aware of? Its not like we are in the Family anymore so you needn’t feel obligated to advise or “shepherdâ€
Thorwald 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:07 am
Dear "Guest" (can I assume you are Paula Ortiz?),

I think I can speak for the other editors when I write that the purpose of this, our website, is to provide factual and exhaustive information on TFI. Nothing more, nothing less. We welcome any and all corrections from anyone, so long as they are factual.

You wrote
...since from what it seems you people on this site are just out to kill without taking into consideration that you may be hurting innocent people...

How is stating that your school was initially funded by Mr. Narita "out to kill"? If this is, indeed, factual information related to TFI, there is nothing slanderous about our intent. You are, of course, free to assume whatever you wish about my intentions with this project. However, since you do not know me and I do not know you, it might be difficult to establish the true intents.

It may be rather unfortunate for some to be "guilty by association", however, it is not my intention to start unnecessary fights.

Please indicate where, specifically, we have provided information that is not entirely factual and I will, personally, remove it from our website.

Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:10 am
for the recorded i am not paula but i do know her and support her in her efforts
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:27 am
Edit (Moderator): Post removed. Personal attacks will not be tolerated!
Monger 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:29 am
To Paula Ortiz: is not and has never been "out to kill" anything. Our stated objective has always been simply to preserve and provide information about The Family.

Regarding your claims of malicious intent, that is IMO over the top. To the contrary, I have gone out of my way to respect your concerns in this matter.

1. As one of the editors who accesses the mailbox, I responded to your initial email to remove your school's URL from our article on the Family in Japan by doing so immediately after reading your request.

2. I then sent an email to a media outlet in Japan who previously notified me of their knowledge of the FI's past connections with IEC, to inform them of your school's non-involvement with the group.

3. When one of our forum members again posted IEC's URL in the start of this thread, my responce (here) again mentioned your non-involvment.

If there is non-factual info about your school on this website, as Thorwald said earlier, let us know & it will be removed.
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:51 am
I feel like we're getting totally off the track here, I thought that we were after a bunch of abusers and child molesters here. And we can all agree that not every single person in the FI participated or even condoned this. Why does having some past connection with the FI make you a target or even a topic of dicussion. Why don't we direct our attention and efforts at the criminals and not at eachother. We all have some past connection and many of us have a more difficult time with our personal families still being in, but we are all trying to make a life for ourselves with what little we had to start with. We should be helping eachother.
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 08:54 am
Also MONGER isnt your sister living with Zerby way up in WS.
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 10:02 am
May I remind you that you did place my sites link on as a FI Front & Project without the slightest bit of research? As well as you did not clear my name nor IEC from any connection with the FI on your site. You still have a statement saying, “Insight into this matter (of IEC) would be helpful, as we have not yet received a responce to a request for further information.â€
Monger 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 11:10 am
IEC's past association with The Family is not hearsay - it is widely known & factual. The link to your site you speak of (which was up for less than half a day) was removed when we received updated information.

Paula Ortiz wrote:
You still have a statement saying, “Insight into this matter (of IEC) would be helpful, as we have not yet received a responce to a request for further information.â€
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 02:56 pm
Someone wrote:
I feel like we're getting totally off the track here, I thought that we were after a bunch of abusers and child molesters here.

As stated on the homepage of, the site exists merely for the purpose of extensive documentation of TFI. It was not set up as a platform for witch hunts.
WalkerJ 1
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 03:04 pm
Paula Ortiz wrote:
You say, "You may find us to be quite reasonable and that the use of hyberbole in your request is entirely superfluous." YOU reasonable?? Well I think not! You have passed the point of being reasonable. You are messing with my life. Wait till its your turn and someone is accusing you of what the FI is known for.

You requested the link to your site be removed. We did as you requested. What is the basis for your current frustration?

Again, please state clearly what current content on the Website is "messing with your life". Until you do, please note that this is a moderated forum and personal insults are not tolerated.
news snoop
Reply Sun 1 May, 2005 05:26 pm
I'm really surprised at how far this thread has gone. When initially posting this information it was with the intent to see the various Family homes in Japan.
When first finding the Japanese"East Mission" homepage of Mr. A., and accessing his profile, he clearly stated that he is a "distributer of Activated magazine" and he also said he was an "assistant of IEC".
These two bits of information were linked to the Japan Activate homepage as well as to IEC.
Anyone who reads his profile would naturally come to the conclusion that this person works with these two companies or has some sort of connection.
The term he used in Japanese was "hosa" which means "assistant". That sounds like a close connection.
It wasn't like on some websites which have a person's "favorite links", but it was stated that he was in some way working with them.
So, that's the reason I sent this info to the editor. Of course, now the East Mission has deleted that particular information.
There are various links to churches, NGO's and volunteer groups put on some Family home's websites. I'm wondering how many of these groups know that the Family is putting up links to their groups? I also wonder how many of those other groups know who the Family REALLY is???
I wasn't trying to investigate or nail-down IEC... but the information was right there for anyone who read the website.
One thing I was wondering is that if IEC indeed left the Family 6 years ago, how is it that the Family home in the same area didn't know about your intent not to be associated with the Family?
In my opinion, having your link put on the website of a Family home (East Mission) without your persmission is more of an offense than an error about the status of your company and situation.
When doing a Yahoo search using "Father David" in Japanese, 3 links came up... the Family Japan, James Japan (Jotham), and the East Mission homepage. All three have the Mo Letters on their sites.
There was no intention to make trouble amongst exmembers.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 05:30 am
Why is any of this relevant to? What does the fact that IEC was initially started by Mr and Mrs Narita, or that it was ever connected to the FI have anything to do with now? Why do people need to know that, Newsnoop? what does it matter to anyone why they dont or didnt change the schools name, Porcelin doll?
Thorwald said the point of this website was to "provide factual and exhaustive information" ... I just dont see how this would even be an issue if you'd done that in the first place. Shouldnt you have contacted either the IEC and/or Mr Abe to find out the truth of the matter before just stating what you assumed was factual and exhaustive information?
Walker is wondering why Paula is frustrated, and seems to think she has no good reason to be. If you look back from the beginning of this topic and read all the posts, Im sure youd be amazed at the amount of "factual information". At least thats what Im assuming you see, all I saw and read was a lot of assumption, hearsay, peoples two cents, opinions and ideas on the matter(Totally unconnected people at that!). I was under the impression this was called GOSSIP. I think anyone would be annoyed and frustrated about that!!
Basically you editors who are putting this "information" out there because you feel the need to all be "in" and up to date on everyone elses buisness is all fine by me if thats what you need. However, just be careful. Posting information out there for anyone to read and come to their own conclusions on is not a responsibility to take lightly! Have your facts straight, and then be sure that they really are!!
news snoop
Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 05:54 am
Hello "Guest"
Well, just to help you understand the point of this website, the xFamily forum is only that... a forum. It is not the xFamily encyclopedia where the final information is posted. *editors, am I correct?

So, from my point of view, this type of e-conversation could be taking place anywhere on the internet... as it is on various other exmember sites.

There is a reason for this forum and it's not just to exchange gossip. Who cares anyway... my life has moved on... why do I care about Family gossip?

But since this is a place to get some information about the Family in a form that is easy to understand and access, I feel it's worth my time to contribute in someway. That's my purpose.

"Posting information out there for anyone to read and come to their own conclusions on is not a responsibility to take lightly! Have your facts straight, and then be sure that they really are!!"
*Quoting from your post... this is indeed what we feel also, East Mission should have had their facts straight and not have posted IEC's link to their website.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 09:03 am
from what I understood that East Mission website is a personal website. That of an idividual. Being a Host or Editor of a website is a different matter, your putting the information out there, or at the very least condoning whatever info a person may feel inclined to post on your site. A different matter entirely I believe.
But anyway, good to know you dont need to be abreast of every move the family or individual exmembers make.
Cheers to moving on reality!!
Craven de Kere 1
Reply Mon 2 May, 2005 02:01 pm
This incessant whining is getting old. The concerns were addressed promptly. These complaints seem to have more to do with individuals being uncomfortable with the IEC's past than anything else.
gerry 1
Reply Tue 3 May, 2005 07:28 pm
[MONGER you should check your facts BEFORE you pass things on to the press. they are not gonna listen to you if you keep having to take things back.

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