not without my sisters

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Reply Thu 4 Aug, 2011 06:51 pm
That book is so very true. Just reading it bring back memories of the hell i lived while in. there are shit that i've seen in which i knew was wrong and wanted to help but couldn't. I regreat that i wassn't able to do more to help the other poor ppl my age and younger while i was in. I tried my best to help with the abuse and sexual abuse that i saw going on arround me while i was in but it wassn;t enough. untill every last one of thoes sick pervs are behind bars or killed then it will never be enough. When i left i had friends asking me to take them with me, i helped them and helped them get interviews and jobs where i worked but i wish there was more i could have done.
I will forever forever hate the cult and never forgive them.

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