Is the Family International still like that??

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Peter Frouman
Reply Sat 11 Sep, 2010 12:35 am
Re: Is the Family International still like that??
tyciol wrote:
Do you think "sexual interaction with minors" is synonymous with "raped children"?

Besides "sexual interaction," the defining characteristic of rape is the lack of consent. When one of the parties is incapable of consent, it is not possible for the activity to be consensual. Thus, "sexual interaction" with a minor or anyone who has not given consent is defined as sexual assault or rape. The term "statutory rape" simply means a sexual act that meets the statutory definition of rape or sexual assault.

tyciol wrote:
Is it possible that TFI had a separate policy to punish rapists and thus people who raped children could be excommunicated for rape

By their own account, before July 1989 it was not their policy to excommunicate those who raped children and they believe that it would be "unfair" to excommunicate those who raped children before the policy took effect in July 1989.
Thorwald 1
Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2010 01:59 am
Re: Is the Family International still like that??
I actually think those terms (e.g., "raped children") are a bit nebulous. For starters, what are you defining as a child? Under 10, under 12, under 18? Secondly, the age of consent differs wildly throughout the world (and differently for different times). I prefer to use the term "adult sex with a minor", as that is clear enough to indicate an illegal activity occurred. And I prefer to reserve "rape of a minor" for the cases where violence was involved.

PS: I always cringe when I hear someone refer to a, say, 16-year old as a "just a child". No. He or she is a teenager, that is why we have the term.

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